Almost 20 months of STEEM bear market.

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From time to time I always like to check some long term charts from the projects that I follow. In that case, obviously, STEEM.

I'm always looking for crossovers in the MACD indicator in long-term timeframes to detect that sustainable gains that we all hodlers we like to see.

Check this:

steem bullish macd.png

As you can see, We don't have a bullish crossover and a dive into the 'bullish' zone above 0:00 since... well... a lot of time... concretely; let me check, hmm..

Almost 20 months.

And yes, it feels like a lot. Because in fact it's A LOT.

Almost 2 years of deep winter & bear alt market. Where, frankly, we don't have our mind ready for seeing sustainable growths (as any insight of relief has been quickly extinct in the past. Fast & abruptly. Without any sign of mercy).

All things said. Fasten your seatbelts, because probably we'll be going up non-stop for some months. Enjoy, take profits, dear STEEM holder, but always let a moonbag apart 'just in case'.

I also checked the montly MACD in Bittrex and it's a bit of a full YOLO:

Monthly steem chart.png

Do you imagine that Monthly MACD crossing over into the positive zone?
Frankly I can't imagine the price then... but I'll be there.

Enjoy your ride steemians. We deserve it.

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Come on!!! Steem on!

I don't even know how to react to that +10% daily pumps.

It feels incredible! :O