And without noticing, here I am [10.000 Steem Power reached]

in LeoFinance •  3 months ago 

Can't believe that I'm there.

Counted the Steem floating across my 3 accounts and realised that I'm sitting exactly at the sweet spot of 10.000 Steem Power milestone.

As numbers show:

~2200 SP in @thecryptolink (currently transfering all of this SP)
~7480 SP in @thexbttrader
~400 SP in @empoderat

= +10.000 STEEM Power.

Incredible to think that early as march (YES, MARCH!) I was sitting at 'just' ~1000SP and was very proud of that.

Reached 5000SP at early october. Doubled in less than 2 months. Also incredible to think that I've loaded at least 5000SP under 0,2$/unit.

I'm thinking long term, But the early 2018 days and all the progress that I've seen makes me feel confident about my investment.

Sitting tight and enjoying the trip now. 10.000SP which was already like a dream just a few months back is now a reality.

Great Christmas gift should say!

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A respectable milestone indeed!


!giphy congratulations

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(Sorry! thought that I had replied!)

Thank you

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