Scattered Thoughts about Steem and Decentralization.

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Despite the fact we had rough time sustaining the economy and keeping the blocks running i can't remember when i felt so bullish and positive . Regardless of my decreased activity, at least in terms of posting here, there is literally no article that goes under my radar and i don't quite think it'll ever change. Once you get hooked...

Pioneering new technology and experimenting on sharing economy is everything but easy . The risks involved are high and nothing is granted. Every hard fork we experienced so far was a risk for itself, regardless if we're talking security or economy wise.

However we have shown the World what can be done without having billions of dollars to cover our expenses or fulfill low desires we all struggle with .

We survived the hardest dip that ever happened, literally lost 96% of ath value, and yet again, here we are - standing strong. I'm being serious when claiming that i give zero fuck even if everything colapses.

The benefits and knowledge gained during 2 years of hustle will eventually pay of. I have gradually developed interest towards governance, economy and coding, what else can i ask for?

Given the fact that i was completely lost and managed to find myself is a gift by default.

It's worth noting that we wouldn't have survived if there wasn't for some individuals who kept on grinding and pulling us up. The mindset built along is by far more valuable than digital asset itself - Convince me otherwise. :D

People will come, there is no doubt in that, maybe not in terms of milions (yet), but few hundred thousand like minded individuals ready to hustle eventually makes a twist. Once the idea is implanted within our minds, it keep circling around untill it reaches final destination.

Small Digression

There is a thing though, i have lost enthusiasm in terms of trying to convice people to come and start building (i know it should be the outher way around). Once you decide to go all in, and actually commit , everything else become so fucking trivial. It truly is hard not having anyone to share your vision with. On the other hand, as i grow older my aspirations towards meaningless relations are slowly fading away, which makes me more introverted each day. Fucking love it.

I don't wanna take part in this absurd lifstyle. I don't even wanna fit in.

Consumerism on its peak, people spending money on things they don't need to impress people they don't care about - conequently ending up in debts, thus indirectly feeding those on power who just might be responsible for everything that happens around your small part of universe. Seems like an oxymoron. Carefully orchestrated social order is slowly making us paralyzed, disabling us to move further and see beyond the curton.

On a further note, FED pumping dollars into economy without any fundamental value to back it up seem unlikely to sustain broken economy, i guess it's all about postponing inevitable, that is - another recesion.

I know, there are some people who might adress such thesis as conspiracy, however i don't quite think they understand who's in control.

Quantity Theory of Money - yet another attempt of justifying current inflation policy - which directly goes in favour to private banks, enabling them to continue on inflating as much as they find "reasonable" haha. Fuck them, fuck them hard! We need to take control over one thing only, that is money. Once the money becomes decentralized we will strike so hard that not even the biggest international companies will be able respond to.


While I was studying law at Univeristy of Zagreb, the only thing i can clearly remember is theory of separation of power, written by Montesquieu. He basically wrote that three powers should not be combined and given neither to a single person nor to any form of less than 3 enteties.

Three powers, legislation, judiciary and executive power should not be interconnected. The more power one holds, the more dangerous it becomes.

Kid yourself not, people are fundamentaly evil/broken and believing differently is ignorant and pathetic. We can't rely on individual altruism and simply assume everything will work out. The premise is wrong on so many levels that i don't even have a need to comment further. To put our destiny into hands of malicious establishment who proved to be arrogant enough while prioritizing private interest over public one.

“In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order."

Chaos needs to be controlled and it seems its up to us to push it further.

I'm not a dreamer, i tend to rationalize everything, being too afraid to dream bigger than i can chew. But I'm slowly becoming one and i can't control it. There is a quote though , which i find relatable.

*Control your emotions or be consumed by them. *

Which one will it be? Not sure haha

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We need to take control over one thing only, that is money. Once the money becomes decentralized we will strike so hard that not even the biggest international companies will be able respond to.

Do you think the ones ruling out the planet and having the law in their hands will allow that? Hard to believe, but if that will ever become a reality, prepare for heaven on earth. Great post by the way! I don't know I haven't followed you by now. I guess someone had to resteem. Enjoy the bull market!

It seems to me they are already losing it. Actually, i think they lost the battle ever since the first bitcoin was minted. They can kill a man but they can't kill an idea.
Well, we all know how content discovery works LOL. Hoping to see some changes once smts are out.