Would you still use Steem if there is no more rewards?

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A bloodbath it is with crypto market prices, Bitcoin doesn't fall in price without it bringing casualties along, in this case Steem is the victim, if you dare check Steem price at the moment with this epic crash in price, you might have a seizure and probably pass out. But of course that's if you are a huge investor in the Steem Blockchain, or a few bag holders like me who had been a long time Steem Advocate in my own little way.

It is inevitable, Steem price could not hold on for long, it has long been a fear for me and maybe for some others that the price might go way lower than 0.1??, it has battle to stay for long but it is a doom dependent on Bitcoin crash which is happening at the moment. Unfortunately, it is hard for any token to gain back what it has lost in the bear run especially long ones like this. Most token do not survive, investors count their losses and bail out and Steem faces same fate.

The question now is, when that happens, will users still be around?

Taking myself as an example, i earn close to nothing on this chain but i still prefer using it over other social media, not that i am not active there(especially Twitter) but i still value my privacy and freedom hence i pour out my thought in blogs here. Not sure of many other users but i'll be much around a while longer when the incentives disappear and no more rewards.

Will you still be around when that happens? Its nigh, it seems around the corner...

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You helped me answer the question already! I am actually part of a community which I've been regular for a very long and my regularity seems to be earning me cool rewards but things crashed up all of a sudden and the rewards stopped. To be candid with you bro, I never stopped doing what I was doing before the reward termination. In a nutshell, i'll be more, more and more active if there are no more rewards on Steem.

Love this spirit bro.

I not go.. I like steem and eSteem . So it is up to you what you feel. I hold-HODL and I look long road.

Just like its up to you about your decisions...