The Steem News : Before it relaunches, where are we now with these projects...

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As Steem gears up for a big 2020, I am wondering if it is time to bring the Steem News out of hibernation.

There seems to be enough going on with the likes of @OpenSeed, NFTs, and new games, as well as Communities and SMTs to feed a daily update service again.

Any thoughts?

I've been out of the Steem loop a bit the last two or three months, focusing on other projects particularly now my FutureDiary2030 series.

So I'm a bit behind on what is going on with various things on Steem.

I'm especially interested to get an update on what is happening with...

Are there any other big initiatives I should get up to speed with before I relaunch Steem News?

And if anyone has any thoughts or suggestions to help streamline or improve Steem News do let me know.

I am wondering about offering sponsorship opportunities to games, dapps and projects - would anyone be interested?

@steemmonsters, @threespeak, @buildteam perhaps?

[ graphics by @pennsif ]

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I would like to see the Steem news brought back, and I would also like to know what's going on with those projects you mentioned!

Thanks Matt. Hopefully there will be some updates on the various projects coming soon...

I'd like to see the news posts back, but maybe weekly is enough given the amount of work involved. Maybe there could be some collaboration with other reporters contributing.

I think I might see how it goes frequency-wise depending on how many interesting developments are popping up.

If others contribute stories then you can split the post rewards. Maybe need a dedicated account for this. Wish I had the time to get involved.

I highly recommend you create a Steem-based website for #SteemNews on @engrave using your @pennsif account.

It would be a great brand and you could post #SteemNews there on the @engrave website and then post your personal posts on @steemit and they wouldn't get mixed up.

Having an official news site for #steem would be good for the price IMO.

If it gets a good reception I'll bring that idea back on the agenda.

Ah okay @pennsif.

I am actually hoping #SteemNews can be your livelihood someday since we need someone good at handling the news like you.

In the future, you can probably charge for Featured content on a #SteemNews website, but only after things really pick up again.

I will have news to share soon since some of the developers in our @steem-ph group and I will be launching a new Steem-based DAPP soon.

Your coverage of it would be great and not just for me but for everyone. I think there are many projects that will launch in 2020 on Steem and a standard #SteemNews website and the posts on your @pennsif account would help!

Thanks Chris. I will look out for news on your new dapp.

Hello my friend, firstly let me say that fururediary 2030 has me massively intrigued!

Update - Couldn't wait - Found it -Lovin' it! 🍻 ((Glad to see Brexit is still having an impact😁 ))

A you with a firm finger on the pulse is a wonderful, whirlwind of activity like thing, maybe if you do bring back SN don't feel pressured to publish quite as often, it always seemed that you were pulling a lot of info together from a lot of different sources, it must be hugely time consuming.

If I happen across anything noteworthy I shall mention SN to them 🙂

I just wanted to stop-by to wish you a thoroughly magnificent 2020, I know there were some low points for you, personally, last year and it would feel remiss to not mention them, such points can feel as though they redefine us at the time of occurrence, but they stay with us, become part of us of course and hopefully make us a slightly better version of ourselves in the long-run.

I hope the current year brings you fun, friends, fulfillment and a huge amount of opportunity to laugh, smile and love. 🙂

Glad you are enjoying the FutureDiary series

Thanks for your support for SteemNews and for your good wishes for 2020.

I hope the new year goes well for you too.

I too would like to know what's going on with those projects. Its feels still, maybe everyone is going to launch big things with smts?

Hopefully some big things will be popping up soon...

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Ooh! This sounds right up my cul-de-sac, it speaks loudly to my grandiose, pompous sense of self hatstand.

Gonna head over to check this out when I return from shopping, my good lady is placing the leash around my neck even as these nonsensical ramblings tumble on to the page...Screen...Page... You know I'm really not sure what's happening anymore.

Fabulous idea 🐔

Yes please to the news post. If it happens I will purchase an ongoing subscription via an auto vote. Please also define the tag of your news service.

Thanks for the offer of support.

I think your Steem news post would be a quite popular and complementary addition to the ecosystem. You could even get others to help you put together a longer and more detailed format. Then share the reward benefits with them accordingly. I would definitely be up for an auto vote subscription.

Muy buena informacion,gracias por compartirla,feliz dia esperando lo mejor de este año para esteem,saludos

Good to hear you are looking at bringing the Steem News back @pennsif.

The Steem Foundation is focusing on the Marketing Committee over the next weeks to months. We've formulated some ideas drawn from the community's input at the two Marketing Rambles we held and are moving forward with them.

As much as possible we meet on Wednesdays so minutes will be published after the meetings.

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Have you seen that new @holybread game popping up everywhere on my feed lately. Maybe they could use some sponsorship??

I've seen reference to the game but not delved into it yet. Need to check it out further.

Thank for information

Sangat bermanfaat bagi saya dan untuk semua pemburu steem

We also run a #steemmeetupaachen with @detlev on feb 7 20 )

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Thanks for that - I will look out for more details.

Have a look for @beerlover on his blog as the is the first news about the #BEERpong and the BEERbank.

The #BeerSaturday runs now since 135 weeks and got support from OCDB

We do further meetups wich you find at #SteemMeetupAachen and the next is at the 7th of February.

I do as well a 3h workshop with the GERMAN Blockchain Institut in Stuttgart at the 24th of January

All the best and please let me know where I may help you with anything....

Sounds like you have a lot going on @detlev. Good luck with the workshop in Stuttgart.

And thank you for your offer of help.

Whatever is planed in 2019 has to be delivered in 2020

I do hope so.

I think a weekly round up would be great and keep it to the most vital information. Daily is probably a bit much to keep going even if things do move fast here. I do miss the posts though as they are great to keep on top of STEEM happenings.

Yes I may start with weekly, or possibly bi-weekly depending on activity levels.

Would love to see the News return in a way that is sustainable for you to publish!

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I'll need to get the pacing right to keep it going if there is enough support.

Thanks for this. Following now to watch developments on the project.

Hello @pennsif The SPUD project seems to being doing good and on Feb. 1, it will actually be our 10th one and growing. Any chance you will take your Steem News to video?

I will keep an eye out for SPUD developments.

I have been pondering a video version but not worked out the best way to deliver it yet.

@pennsif meaning the format of the video or the site to use to up load the news?

If I may suggest, and I know squat about video making or hosting, but I say go with youtube for the consistency and wider potential audience, while keeping and 3speak both as blockchain video hosts as well. Unfortunately my little experience with the latter makes it where I use one when the other isn't working.

I will see how the revived SteemNews is received and then look to putting it on video...

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Thank you.