Almost 10% Steem Power growth = 15k STEEM | I don't even like numbers that much

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It was time.


Four months ago I had a little convo with @phortun about powering up to 15k before the end of the year and while I had no doubt it would be possible by staying active on Steem and buying small bits and pieces, I didn't think I would make it so soon after reaching 10k .

@fullcoverbetting motivated us to keep track of our growth but I'm not a numbers person so of course I didn't. He challenged me to make it there before the end of October though and I guess that happened :D


  • I wrote posts
  • I commented on posts
  • I curated
  • I traded on Steem-Engine
  • I bought tiny amounts on

Nope, nothing heroic.

Screen Shot 2019-10-10 at 00.31.09.png

I added 1200 SP today, which is almost 10% growth! Pretty cool right?

I do realize that 'back then' I knew HF21 would happen and I wasn't so sure how that would affect me. In the end, it didn't really, I know curation went up, post payouts are still good but I don't keep track if they became better or worse, and I've seen a lot of indirect changes that also mean less of the reward pool is being wasted.

I'm one of those people that isn't here with a maximization mindset, just doing what she does and only when bigger milestones are achieved looking back and noticing that each 5K takes less time than the one before.

"Ah, found my 'I became a Dolphin Post', that was only half a year ago... So it took me roughly a year for the first 5000 SP, and then half a year for the second 5000. Will the next 5000 SP come to me in three months time? :P Probably not, but a girl a Big Dolphin can hope."

It took 4 months in the end. Let's see where I am before the end of this year - 20K should be possible?


PS: My VP is at almost 100% so if you comment something remotely nice or funny or well, just not something mean, I will give you a 100% upvote with 15K Steem Power. Nope, that's not going to be good for my curation rewards and well, it will only add a little bit of STEEM in your account, but still. Let's celebrate ;-)

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Can I high five your flipper?

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Yes, YES you can @riverflows!

lol, do you take your flipper off for that or is it a leg gesture?

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Ha, hilarious! Kinda a bump flipper rub snout and squeak kinda thing

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There you go, 15k, congrats Rosa! :) Well, my challenge is a bit tougher then as I don´t buy Steem, I earn all I have through steeming only. I will match you on October 31 as I recently set myself another partial goal and that is increasing my SP by exactly 1,000 every month.

Anyway, keep up the awesome job and see you at 20k :)

Wow - 1000 a month! I know it's possible, but still pretty epic to say out loud.

Yes, I'm buying, but I realized the little bits I bought are actually not even included in the power up :') Haha! So we're pretty much doing the same it seems. I'll do another powerup when I feel like I'm not going to buy any more for a while :-) It's only 10$ at a time, but it adds up.

Cheers, we'll sea each other at 20k! :D

I think the old saying is true (even if you don't like numbers):

You can't manage what you don't measure

Congrats on reaching a 15,000 and best wish as you reach for 20,000.

:D It's absolutely true! I'll always be a lazy 'measurer' but these round numbers do help me to look back at the last milestone post and see how (fast) I'm growing :-)

Cheers @sumatranate! You've got my first 15k 100% VP upvote! ;-)

Much appreciated!

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I know one thing: you will have more !BEER

How do you always seem to know when I'm thirsty for a !BEER? :D

Maybe !BEER doesn't work with the ? right after it? Also somehow you got a 99% upvote instead of the 100%, I blame the steempeak slider, I wasn't being mean to you! :')

Hey @bluerobo, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

That is amazing. Killing it. Congrats.

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Thanks @sergiomendes! :D

Congratulations to one of the calmest, steadiest Steemians I've seen.

Excellent job. Can't wait to see you at 20k

:D Thanks @whatsup! #nodrama and just keeping at it is my recipe ;-) Can't wait to celebrate with you in the 20k club!

Congrats fellow crazy person that is also powering up a lot :). Cause we all must be crazy right. Let's put that power to good use!

YES we are definitely kinda crazy! Thanks for commenting, I'm relieved I'm not alone :') Great post on your 2 year Steem milestone!

Wow! congrads this is a great achievement :)

It's going in such tiny increments that it's fun to also take a moment to celebrate the bigger 'steps' in the process! :D Thanks QA! <3

Oh wow!!
Congratulations :D
I too don't keep track... just enjoying the ride
Just bought a tiny bit of Steem for the very first time though....
Will have to level up though and your progress is encouraging :D

Whieee - not keeping track is a very sane thing to do probably :D Awesome for buying for the first time! How did that feel? 10$ a time is about 80 STEEM which in my mind took sooooo much work especially in the beginning of my journey!

Initially I had plans for a much bigger amount and I was nervous
But this small amount was like nothing, so it was a good start ;)
It felt good :D

Wow Congratulations to you on this achievement of reaching 15k! It’s very hopeful reading your post. I’ve been at it since 2016 and still have the goal of becoming a Dolphin. I pretty much do everything you do on that list except the last part, I don’t buy any amount of it. With me being a stay at home mom and living only on my husband’s income we can’t really invest like we would like to. But it’s been a fun journey because I enjoy being here and being apart of different communities. I’ll continue on as normal and look up one day and say

Hey I’m a Dolphin! 😄

Thank you for sharing this encouraging milestone! Cheers! May you reach many more!

Hey @crosheille! I know how it is, I have no job currently, so it's 10$ at a time, but with these prices even 10$ a month ads up... :D Not saying you should do it too, but more to share how it works for me :-)

It's also incredibly how far we can come just by blogging, commenting... Building a community like you do :-)

I'm very sure you'll get that Dolphin status! I really really noticed how much of a difference it makes to cross the 5000 mark, growth is faster, and with the current 50/50 curation rewards that's only become more true :-)

Cheers and thank you for stopping by!

I really appreciate all of the tips! Yes a little at a time does go a long way :)

Yes it is amazing just how much being active can do!

Thanks so much for the encouragement! 😘

15k SP is the new 10k SP...great job and an example of persistence and consistency paying off.

Right? I'm seeing more people powering up and up and I'm certainly not the first that I've seen reach 15k the last few weeks! :-) Thanks!

Congratulations! You make it sound so easy...that gives me a lot of hope.

Wow! That is great! My congratz and keep grow up!👏👏👏

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Congrats that's a wonderful milestone <3

Congrats!! You’ll easily become an orca in 2020 🤑

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Ha! I hope so! Markets have to stay very low in that case so I can keep on buying :D

Damn girl you are going fast! Congrats on this one! Numbers are for nerds, sometimes we try to forget that we are nerds as well :D

I think if you are on Steemit you also qualify for Nerdit.

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Who is the nerd here now :D
Nerd and kind of proud of it?


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I'm not even ashamed of my nerdyness :') I've always been 'the nerd' in my group of friends! And even now with a boyfriend work in IT I'm still the one who is able to build websites while he doesn't - much to the surprise of our family and friends :') Lol. Cheers!

You are a steem ninja. 😂😄

Congrats on the 15k! Amazing.

Hahaha - I AM! Thanks for the congratz :D I now should pick up some silver, shouldn't I? :')

Congrats on the 15000 SP milestone @soyrosa... I'm still plugging away at getting my 70 Rep and it is a bit of a slog if I'm honest. But, the winning line is in sight... I'm at 69.4 at the moment I think.

Celebrations are in order for your steem power milestone. Have some cake ;)

P.s. Hope you're well :)

Me toooooo.... 70 has gotta come soon right??

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It's coming.... I promise🤞 😂

When I hit rep 70 I'm going to have a party and then retire from steem as I will have completed the game on hard mode....

Ha ha, got ya! I'm never retiring. Gonna be one of those yoga master 70 year olds who float about the world super healthy and happy travelling off their blog earnings. That's the plan anyway, steem for my retirement... it's not as secure as a regular pension plan 😂

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Haha - rep is useless :D But yes, we all like round numbers, so 70 definitely feels like 'Now I'm a grown up Steemian' :D

Thanks for the cake! I'm doing well, hope you are too :-)


I'm shooting for 10K this year, but have been a little side-tracked by a LEO obsession :-)

You'll be at 50k before you know it!

Wh00p! 10k this year would be awesome. Yes, steemLEO is doing amazing so I can understand the obsession :-) I'm very moderate in my Tribe adventures and not really efficiently using my stake, but I still like to keep an eye on some of them from time to time :-) Good luck!

Congratulations, well done! 👍🏽

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Thanks a lot @alfonzo! :D

Hey @soyrosa, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!