What will 10$ buy you? | Aka: remember how hard it is/was to earn 80 STEEM?

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Nothing in this thumbnail or post is financial advise ;-)

It will depend on how long you've been on Steem, how many autovotes have been assigned to you over the years and in the last few weeks, or which whale digs your sexy selfies, but 80 STEEM is either hard to earn today OR if you're a lucky one: it probably used to be hard to earn in the very beginning.

How long did it take you to get your first 100 STEEM? How long to even get your first 10 STEEM?

Ten months ago I wrote a very proud post: Powering up 1000 STEEM. Say 'hi' to the newest Dolphin in the Steem Ocean! I bought 1000 STEEM which got me to a Dolphin status - It took me 11 months AND buying STEEM to get there.

And I know I haven't been growing as slow as some others on Steem - I've been lucky receiving whale support on 'auto' in the very first few months of writing on Steem, and afterwards I've been getting pretty consistent support for doing work 'behind the scenes' and/or going to Steem meet-ups in multiple countries. (Okay, sometimes I write a post people actually like as well.)

Another crypto 'crash'

Yesterday the market went down and some people in the SteemChat Discord talked about it. I don't keep an eye on the STEEM price very religiously, but if I see an opportunity to buy a little but more I'm definitely doing so. I bought a bit for 10 euros, then for 5, as the price kept falling and I just like the feeling of buying even lower than the last time even though it might not be the best buying strategy and it's just a few euros anyway. I just feel a tiny bit of euphoria when I buy more STEEM for my Euro than the last time.

Anyway, tonight we were talking about what we could buy instead of STEEM. 100$ would buy a dinner for two said @whatsup. 10$ would buy 3 cups of coffee in a hipster cafe - I joked.

The topic of a post was born.

10$ buys me...

Even though I'm buying stuff in euros, and sometimes these examples are actually 9$ or 12$, you get the gist - they are meant to give you a rough idea of what I can buy with 10$ living in a big city in The Netherlands:

  • 3 cups of coffee in a hipster cafe even though I have the best coffee at home
  • One movie ticket (nah, don't touch my cinema (arthouse) subscription!)
  • A pretty decent bottle of wine (especially with my discount card ;-))
  • A 3-pack of cotton socks to replace the ones with holes in them
  • Sandwich lunch with a single glass of sparkling water
  • One month of Netflix or Spotify
  • 3-4 apps in the App Store that I will have stopped using in a week time
  • 2 colours of Merino Wool Roven that I use for my felting projects (100 grams per colour)(very specific I know, but I'm writing this post while resting from a day of felting :D)
  • 1 good (! real sourdough) loaf of bread, 2 packs of milk, and a pack of butter


Screen Shot 20190925 at 23.28.54.png

Buying small amounts every 10-14 days as even small amounts add up to something bigger

Screen Shot 20190925 at 23.32.00.png

If I'd hit the button RIGHT NOW...

Yeah - basically I can buy 80 STEEM for the same price of 3 cups of coffee - or the price of a movie ticket. As the title said: remember how hard it is/was to earn 80 STEEM? Is 80 STEEM really something you can miss out on for those few cups of coffee?

What can YOU buy for 10$ in your country? And is it an easy or hard to miss amount of money for you? How many posts do you have to curate to earn 80 STEM? Have you been buying some STEEM lately? Or are you inspired to do so now?

Let me know in the comments! Or write your own post if you fancy it :-)

Screenshots have been taken in the best 'Euro to STEEM' gateway I've encountered so far. If you're in Europe (check the list of countries!) you can buy your STEEM very very easily (no crypto conversions needed!) through bitvavo.com (yes, that's my referral link :-)). Read my post about the service if you want to know more.

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2 lattes in any cafe.
2 wraps from 7/11
A train ticket for 7 zones.
35 bananas xD

35 bananas - hahaha - Nice one! I could do with 4 bananas for a week and buy STEEM with the rest :P

I need 14 - 21 bananas a week. Depending on their size xD
Breakfast 1-2 banana and a smoothie with 1 in it :D

Ha! That's a lot! I actually don't love bananas, but using some overripe ones to make pancakes is something I do from time to time :D

Thats also a good use :D

For $10 US I can get $13.2 Canadian.

That's a decent take-out lunch for one, 11 litres of regular gasoline, a pint of beer after tax and tip at a fancy bar, a bottle of okay wine at the shop, or a large bag of kitty litter 🐱

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We're living in pretty similar circumstances I guess :D No cat in my house though!

11 liters?? Really?

Wtf ,the price in Greece is 1.65/ lit ...thievs

It's even more here :D

It seems you can buy more for you $10 in your country than i can in Canada. But, you've got my fomo mojo whirring. I think i better get a few bucks worth of Steem! Cheers girl!! ❤

I've heard before that we have more 'spending power' here than in other countries - the amount of money you have left over after paying for rent etc is pretty nice and you can do a lot with it. So yeah :-) We pay a lot of taxes, but I guess it comes back to us in other ways.

I don't know if I have to say sorry or congratulate you on the FOMO that's whirring now! Make the best decision for you :D Cheers!

The more STEEM the better, especially if it does finally go back up one day! I think it will eventually! Yeah for sure small amounts will add up, works for me too! $10 can buy a few quality 22 oz brews if you're lucky?

Hmm 🤔 what $10 can buy?

  • One person grocery for a week
  • Cat food for 2 weeks
  • 4 cup of americano
  • 4 meal (Not fancy restaurant)
  • The 1-month electric bill for a person
  • 1 movie ticket plus popcorn
  • 4 carton of mineral water

Groceries for a week! Now that's a different story then - in that case 10$ makes a real difference :-) Thank you for sharing, pretty interesting to see what money can buy all over the world :-)

Yes it does, $10 convert to Ringgit Malaysia is RM 42.40.

It's also interesting how coffee is pretty much expensive all over the world. Only in Portugal I would be able to buy about 10 coffee for 10$ :D It's super cheap there, and for 2$ you have coffee and a small sweet cake to go with it :-)

yeah that's true, 10$ stretch for a week groceries :D,

  • or 60GB monthly internet subscription,
  • or a decent quality jacket,
  • or a healthcare subscription for two person
  • or copied three textbooks
  • or 2 coffee plus 3 snacks in a hipster cafe!

:D That's a lot! I really can't even buy a good (!) quality t-shirt for 10$ here :')

I am actually surprised if that's like a week groceries over there! I thought it was more expensive.

That's amazing , but what surprise me is how expensive feeding a cat is by comparison !!

A pretty decent bottle of wine

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One month of Netflix or Spotify

<3 <3

3-4 apps in the App Store that I will have stopped using in a week time


The UK and The Netherlands are quite similar. I can get roughly about all those things here too.

Yes - not very different :-) I hear from a Spanish guy who lived in the Netherlands and now tries to survive in London (he's always complaining :')) that the trains are super expensive compared to 'here' though, so that might be 'the' difference :-)

Here in India $10 is pretty decent amount. It is sufficient to buy the grocery and vegetables for one week for me and my wife.

$10 is equivalent to electricity bill of 7 months here. However this amount is not that hard to earn. Yesterday I bought over 200 steems and used it to lease more steem power from dlease.

Wow - I love to hear that you're buying 200 STEEM even though you can do so much with 10$ in your country - makes me excited :-) Glad to hear it's not hard to earn! That's a big difference between countries too if I read through all the comments.

Nice post ! The grind is real !

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Thanks! And yes, it definitely is! These are not the worst times to be here though :-)

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If there were more easy ways to buy STEEM with fiat I bet I would by more often. Probably there is more like me. We realy need more direct links fiat to STEEM.

Bitvavo is out of reach for me.

Sorry to hear you don't have an easy gateway to STEEM! It's definitely needed to have more of those - better times will come, but the price of STEEM might not be this low anymore...

Steem is much better than 3 cups of coffee at these prices AND I love coffee! Lol

That's saying something! :D Will you be buying some STEEM? :-)

You know I had £300 to spend today and I put it into a Dapp on the ETH network. I will be using the dividends to buy steem over the next few days though 💯👍🏻

YESSS! Go @paullifefit! Always happy to see people buying :-)

Thanks Soyrosa! I bought another 1500 Steem today ✌🏼 And the price is moving back UP! Yay! 🙌🏼😁

Im following @backscratcher now so I’m in a pool of people who all upvote and support people who post regularly. Steem is just the Best place to be 💯😁

Yes, it's easy to forget how "expensive" 80 STEEM was in Jan 2018 (more than $640). Those days, earning 5 SP ($40) was something.

I think of this period as a redistribution. Getting STEEM into more hands that care for the platform, so when the market turns again, we get to retain most of the value gained and resist downward pressures. Just my view (not financial advice)... :)

Pfew - 640$ indeed! Those were different times. Buying was definitely not an option which was why I thought I would never be able to grow my account to a decent level :-)

We're in redistribution times, I agree. I've seen many Steem Friends power up lately - and I'm excited to have them be the 'bigger holders' when the markets turn :-)

9$ - premium time for 30 days in Tibia
1$ - beer



Is BATTLE your fav token then? :D Just invest in what you love!

I invested in battle few days ago, when I jumped into top 10 stake holders, when I bought the wall :D That was really funny, when the wall just disapear by one click :D
I think this token is now undervalued, they got really advanced discord with many chat games ;P

Is hard to say that is my favorite tribe. I like many tribes, but I love gaming, so that why I bought some tokens :)

I'll give up a dinner out for more Steem than I likely earned in the first couple of months.

Right? 100$ would've bought me 15 STEEM when I first arrived here - opportunities are better right now :D

Oh gosh, it probably took me six months to earn my first 100 Steem!

I was quite a novice blogger with zero markdown skillz, and needed to learn quite a bit to make my blogs pass for acceptable on Steem.

I don't stress over the value of Steem, because I have a futuremind, and I know things..

What can 10 dollars buy you in the United States?

1 Pack of Bubblicious.
1 Carton of eggs.
1 Slim Jim.
1 20 ounce Pepsi,
1 Microwavable popcorn.

Although if you are not living the "American Dream", you might choose starvation, cause a roof over the head tends to take precedence 🤪


Damn! Veggies are even more expensive I guess? :D But yeah, I hear a lot of stories from the US, many people live in poverty and don't make end of the month.

Six months for 100 STEEM is a lot of time - and it wasn't easy to buy 100 STEEM back then. It's certainly different now, but still, not everyone has free money to buy even at these prices. Just wanted to show that it might even be worth spending small amounts of money to grow our accounts :-)

Ahhhhh so a dolphin is 1000 Steem + eh? Cool, I am beginning to understand the different levels now is it - Minnow - Dolphin - Whale? 🤔

Hehe - no, I bought 1000 STEEM which got me to 5000 STEEM which is 'Dolphin' :-)

It's a but more complicated than what I'll write down below, as STEEM is different from MegaVests (and the latter is the actual measure of your stake on Steem), but for simplicity most people keep on the following 'levels':

  • 500 SP = Minnow
  • 5000 SP = Dolphin
  • 50000 SP = Orca
  • 500000 SP = Whale

Ahhh I see. 5000 is a Dolphin 🐬 OK 👌🏼 I have a brand new target to aim for then he he 😜

10 bowls of noodles or 30bowls of boat noodle..

But yeah, starving myself would worth it

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eat pot noodles. they're even cheaper.

Hahaha - don't starve yourself! Eat first, buy STEEM with the leftover money :P

I guess you mean US $, though that would be the obvious one 😉 Coz a lot of countries use $ symbol for their currency as well

USD 10 is about NTD 310 in Taiwan, that would pay for

  • my mobile top up card with 3.2G worth of data that is valid for two months
  • two cups of coffee from Starbucks
  • enough ingredients (flour, sugar, butter and eggs) to bake three loaves of cakes
  • 4 x 1 hour yoga classes

Your mobile and yoga class are cheap but the coffee and cakes are about the same as mine. That is a "fancy" coffee, i.e. "16 oz. Mocha with whip", not simply a black cup of "jo".

I've noticed often how coffee is expensive compared to other stuff in many countries! I remember when I was in China and my coffee would be 5$ for something I'd pay 3$ for in my country. It's scarcity probably, from what I gathered Chinese people haven't been drinking coffee for that long so it's definitely a luxury expense. Maybe even mostly geared towards Western people visiting Beijing (in this case).

It's an addictive substance, the demand WILL pay more for the "fix".

I was addicted to the caffeine at one time. I would get bad headaches if I didn't drink it. Built in motivation right there, to want to drink it, and to want to stop.

Now it's a Luxury, maybe one every 3 weeks, at ~$5.30 USD.

Wow - that's expensive! That really sounds like a luxury :-)

Glad you're not addicted anymore though! I can drink it twice a day but also skip one day without feeling I need it, so I'm really happy about that. If I felt I was addicted I would stop for sure :-)

Yeah, in crypto everything is measured against the USD/$, but you're right, I'm often annoyed how we always assume 'US' as the standard, so I should have specified :P

Wow - 4 yoga classes? Lol, they cost easily 16$ around her for one :D I just have a 50$ subscription now on something that you can see as a 'Spotify for sports' which means I can go to as many classes as I like for that amount. It's definitely more economic.

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Well to tell the truth, it seems very little what you can buy with 10 dollars in your country, that is one of the reasons why Venezuelans are clinging to steem.

Since with $ 10 in Venezuela it is not that you buy many things, but if you can eat for a week, at least one family of 3 people, the other is that the minimum monthly salary in Venezuela is $ 2, so $ 10 would represent 5 minimum wages, in fact it is rare to find a Venezuelan buying steem, since publications for a Venezuelan represent a form of income to eat, it is more feasible to see a Venezuelan user generating steem with publications, and then with a exchange house, change those steem to bolivares and buy food that is for what it reaches, for nothing more.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and investment expectations. Regards

Thank you for sharing your story too @carlos84! Yes, I can totally understand why it's basically impossible for venezuelans to buy STEEM right now - 2$ for a monthly wage is just a totally different measure than what I'm talking about. I'm really happy for the people of Venezuela who found STEEM, as it really does sound like it has helped out so many people in these hard times.

I hope positive change comes to your country soon <3

Thank you for your good wishes, I am sure things will improve for all compatriots. Greetings and blessings to you.

It would be interesting to get a regular "print" of the costs of some standard things, ESPECIALLY for the next few years. I'm expecting some wild gyrations in the "money" system and it would be interesting to see it's effect worldwide.

That's interesting indeed :-) In general we can buy less and less each year for the same amount of USD/Euro and I don't see that changing soon.

$10 = €9.13 buys me

  • 6.3 litres of 95 octane petrol
  • three sandwitches for lunch from the supermarket
  • a movie ticket for a child
  • 10 x 0.33 l cans of cheap lager
  • district heating for one day for our house in February
  • a Big Mac meal and a coffee
  • cat food for ten days

Definitely sounds like your country is a little more expensive on some points - 10$ for 1 day of heating? Wow. I pay a 130 euro advance per month for heating/cooling for a two-person household but get some of that back at the end of the year because most won't be used :-)

What does a movie ticket for an adult cost?

That's for our house. The total heated area is about 200 m2. And February is the second most expensive month of the year. In the summer, the heating costs are much smaller. I have no national stats at hand and average figures wouldn't be very useful anyway because people live in very different types of buildings and their living space varies a lot.

On average, the heating costs of our house are about €170 per month. Our winters are something else compare to Dutch winters.

A movie ticket for an adult costs about $12 or thereabouts.

Yes - our winters are totally different. Also how stuff is priced is very different. I was in France once and because it was a cold week and we used their heating on electricity we paid like 100 euros for the week because they had 'high priced hours' or something crazy like that :-)

Hi Rosa, 10$ is 3600naira in Nigeria.

Maximizing 3600naira will get me these

1000 naira will give me fuel for generator for 4-6 hours

1000 for 1.5Gb of internet data

1000 for 1 plate of rice and 1 piece of beef or chicken lap

600 for transport to the resturant.

10$ cant last two days

No, sounds like 10$ is not something you can buy a lot with in Nigeria! What's the mean income in your country? Is it hard to earn 10$?

Minimum wage just got increased from 54$ to 83$ per month, and its not even in effect yet.

It is damn hard.

That sounds really hard indeed @mistakili :-/ It's awful if an economy gives you not enough money to survive for even 2 weeks of the month.

Will try buy some portions of steem it will not falling forever, i know that here is a lot of idealogical people which don’t care about any falls, they not for spiculating here

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Buying some STEEM is awesome! :D

Hello Wizzdom, I am trying to reach you. I want to trade you whatever cards you want or pay USD for your Crypt Mancer.

you can chat with me on partiko app

I couldn't help myself. Spend €100 and bought another 1000 STEEM. I'm going to my mates for the weekend and even without paying for accommodation I will drop €300 just on going out partying with the crowd in dublin. The value on STEEM is great right now.

YESSS! Congratz on another 300 Euro buy-in of Steem!


$10 a pop will get me some games when they go on sale. Mostly indie stuff as triple A games cost $59.99 at release. Which I would than create content on. I tend to buy stuff when it goes on sale or in bulk as my currency is video games and once I run out of those it’s game over for me.

Will I be buying Steem? Sadly no, I lack the disposable income to both be able to be a content creator and an investor. I did not enjoy being a curator when I was one so that is not a derisible outcome for me. So what little disposable income I have to spend goes into my gaming hobby. It’s one of the few remaining things left that keep me wanting to wake up in the morning that I have not fully cut out of my budget.

If you're not a curator having STEEM(Power) is maybe not so interesting. It also gives you influence in voting for cool projects and maybe even games on Steem though :D Just teasing, I know we all have our own situations and money isn't always easy to come by, I know.

Cool poll :)

10$? Well, almost 10 (decent quality Czech) tap beers in a pub :D If you know where to go :) They call us the beer nation for a reason :D

10 Tap Beers?! I'm coming over!

  ·  5 months ago (edited)

Everyone should become a minnow right now for $80 🤑 no excuses lol

Hahaha - well, 'no excuse' is not true as 80$ is a lot of money for some people, but definitely, if it's possible every Plankton should buy themselves Minnow status :D

USD10 is about MYR42. What we can buy with MYR42?
6 plates of an average mixed rice
2 set lunches at the cafe or restaurants (a main course and a drink/soup) near my office area
2 movie tickets
8 times of parking entry at the open car park near my office
4 times of parking entry in KL city centre

You can buy a lot more! But the question always remains how easy it is to get that amount of money :-) Very interesting comments - thanks for sharing yours!

I'm finding the number's you suggest we look at are interesting. On average from my beginning in March of this year, it looks like it takes 12 post for 100 steem. The number doesn't seem to have any meaning to me. What I need is balance and structure in my steem life, I haven't figured that out yet. I have some ideas on changing how I've been doing things.
I spent 10.00 a month on

  1. hay and guinea pig litter.
  2. 3 weeks of food, clothing, healthcare, and schooling for one child in Tanzania

Ahhh - 10$ can do so much in Tanzania. It's a great reminder that we can give away some of our money in places where it changes a life.

If you need help with your Steem Life always ask me @willowwisp! We can figure it out :-)

Hello @soyrosa, in my country that is Venezuela, to earn $10 I would have to work 8 hours a day for 3 months without receiving any payment, and I would only be able to buy currently, if I was given today, a chicken and its dressings to prepare it at home, because buy it in a restaurant should work two months more.
I live in a country of madness if you compare what you earn in a job and what food costs are the most vital thing.
Venezuelans live on the mercy of God, there is no other answer, however $10 would make me very happy at this time.
I wish you many dollars.
I loved your post thank you.