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The news

It's been another rollercoaster week for Steem. Steem peaked at over 22c before falling back again and Steem Dollars are up over 80c, but probably not so much due to the @sbdpotato effort. I suspect it is largely speculators, but a substantial increase in trading volume could get some attention.

It is good to see some Steem apps at the top of the @stateofthedapps chart. It was being dominated by some Klaytn dapps, but those have dropped. I do not know much about that blockchain.


Follow-worthy Steemians

I thought I would mention some #comics again as some of these really deserve more followers and rewards.

  • I have known @adetorrent for a while and I knew he was a good photographer, but I did not realise he was also a talented artist. He has been drawing some comics about the adventures of Steeman that you should check out.
  • @northwestnomad has a geeky comic series that is featuring some D&D players. I have not played that much, but I appreciate the creativity and humour.
  • @sidekickmatt continues his two comics with fresh strips every week as well as some behind the scenes sketches and other art.
  • @overkillcoin creates cool digital art with a good sense of humour.
  • @arseniclullaby does it old-school with pencils and ink to create some stunning work that can be very dark.

I will mention some people who have recently returned to Steem.

  • @dreamrafa is a great guitarist from Venezuela. He seems to be busy doing session work as well as making his own rock music.
  • @beautifulbullies breeds bulldogs and does some cool photography.

Special mention for @stephenkendal who continues to promote Steem in various ways. He has a campaign to get Steem content shared more widely on Twitter.

The Doghouse

I am going to feature @eii again as they show no signs of changing their habit of posting multiple photos each day and buying votes on them all. They are exploiting the tribe tokens too and ought to be blacklisted by those. This sort of behaviour does Steem no good at all as there is almost zero community involvement. I am using up my free downvotes on them with a trail of others helping to knock some posts down to nothing, but I cannot deal with all of them. It seems they can pay 0.1 Steem to get over 8c of vote, so it is profitable for them if we do nothing. I want rewards to go to those who earn them. I doubt we can persuade the 'bots' to stop taking their money and there may be some collusion anyway.

In conclusion

It is still 'interesting times' for Steem. We need to capitalise on any exposure we can get from the price going up and showcase the good content we have here. It can be hard to make anything on other platforms, but we can show that good work is appreciated here with real rewards. If you have an audience on Steem or other platforms then use it to get more exposure for what you enjoy.

Steem on!

The geeky guitarist and facilitator of the 10K Minnows Project.

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Dear @steevc

Indeed it has been a rollercoster lately. Can you imagine that on 17th I placed order to purchase BTC (which i wanted to convert to steem) but I made mistake while sending funds. I got money back but the difference between steem price now and just over week ago is just insane :/

So right now I'm hoping to see price going down again :)

cheers, Piotr

A low price is good for those who want to buy, but not so good to persuade others to stick around. We need to keep building the community and spread the voting power. It could be bad if the price falls too low and people lose confidence, but we have a good platform that deserves to succeed.

Ah! Thanks for the shoutout! I'm trying to relive my childhood haha.

Great list of mentions there! I am definitely going to check some of them out. I will also check things on my end of STS to see if that user is abusing the SPORTS platform.

Thanks for that. It's a shame some people have to spoil the party for everyone else.

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