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SPUD on Follow Friday

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You won't find many people who give themselves ten votes each day now as they will generally get downvoted. I rarely look at trending, but there was a lot of junk there before. I would say there is too much crypto stuff there, but I see good creative posts get big votes without paying now.

You have to make change happen if you want it. Yes I know that means having a lot of Steem, but we need fresh investors. You can be an orca for a few thousand dollars. You cannot get that much influence on other platforms for so little. I would invest more if I could.

Anyway, despite what anyone else does you can do what you like to help others.

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Not trying to make an argument, but what happens now is the bigger accounts autovote 10 or 20 other big accounts and receive the same amount of autovotes back, looks pretty much like the same thing haejin was doing.