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It's me again, Thamrog. I come to announce to you the news that my old Druid friend Jacob of the Forest and his crow Clog are coming to my tavern and bringing some new fun with them as well!

The Druid will be waiting outside the Tavern. Feel free to approach him and try to guess the power of the runes that he will be casting.

You can even choose the difficulty level. The higher the difficulty, the higher your reward will be!

During the game, you can use all of the items you have in the tavern to increase your final prize.

All the Tavern Games quests that you complete can be done via either The Blind Rune or Goblin Prince games!

Just like in Goblin Prince all your rewards from The Blind Rune will go directly into your Steem account via instant payment!

Feel free to try out The Blind Rune game and have some fun.

Thanks for YOUR patience during development!

Stay tuned there will be more updates coming soon!

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Join our Discord channel: join
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I came across this video today of someone playing The Blind Rune game if anyone wants to check it out.

le daré una mirada llegando a casa, saludos bro

It's cool, but Goblin Prince brings more fun
Greetings @taverngames

Yeah I like Goblin Prince a lot also @konradinho but I need to play The Blind Rune more before forming a larger opinion.

Finally, I have really waited for this. Can't wait to try it out 😁

I gave it a shot, play with 2 lots of bronze chests bought through my time playing, made 5 steem on hard. The setup is good for The Blind Rune, I like it.

Glad to hear that @thegoliath :)

It's amazing ♥️

How is this associated with project hope and what is @ph-fund? Also why the 3speak votes/trail? Why shouldn't this be downvoted?

Hi @acidyo
I was asked by @project.hope to mark @ph-fund as beneficiary when I was posting to their community. @taverngames supports @project.hope.
We are in alliance as I wrote in this post:

Hi @taverngames, @acidyo

Indeed. We're currently exploring options of collaborating.

I've learned that dev behind @taverngames is someone with great vision and amazing coding skills. And current game is just his first product. Our goal would be to support his efforts with community building around his next game build on steem blockchain (which has potential to be popular).

I strongly believe we need more programmers and developers to get interested with Steem blockchain and our goal is to support some. Recently we've managed to attract over 150 users to @holybread and currently we're also discussing some partnership with another team from south africa.

That's our idea of bringing value into steem blockchain.

Where can I read more about your project and what the fund does, excuse my suspicion after you being such a spammer (crypto.piotr)

Good morning @acidyo

You can read about project.hope economy here and also good friend of mine (@lanzjoseg) posted lately introduction to our team.

For past several months I've been supporting growth of our community with my own purchased resources and I've spent already close to 10k steem to get where we are at the moment. I'm hoping that within next month project.hope will be fully sustainable financially and we will start using funds from ph-fund account to continue our growth. So far I would say that results are quite satisfying.

excuse my suspicion after you being such a spammer (crypto.piotr)

Thank you for your interest and also for mature and polite comment. I'm fully aware how much you dislike me and my methods. Unfortunatelly for very long time Steem failed to provide any tool which would help with content discovery and sending well targeted memos was so far the best option. Hopefully released communities will change that.
To avoid future conflicts with you and few other users - I also limited memos to small group of people, who agreed to receive them and who do not consider it spam.

I hope my reply managed to satisfy your curiousity. Please consider visiting project.hope hive and see for yourself, that we've managed to build quite active and engaging community. We're growing slowly, but steadily:

Yours, Piotr

I do not have answers to your first questions @acidyo

As for the downvoting why would it be downvoted when it was fairly upvoted by people that obviously want to be supportive of it?

Thanks for this information.

Should you pay to play?

No, you can test it for free as well. Go to the onboarding tab ( after logging into and grab the free chest :)
If you like it and you run out of the free coins, buy more coins and play more.

Ok. Thanks.

Aside from the free Rookie Chest, this depends on whether you like gambling or not? Because this game is gambling.


Thanks for information

Lol, awesome. Thanks and cheers for this beauty. Perfect work i think.

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I enjoy learning about new crypto games. thanks

Congratulations @taverngames!
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very nice, this game on my opinion, deserves a try; they Also care about developing a UI for mobile phone users, Is very user friendly, i suggest you to give it a try.👍

best game ever

  ·  last month (edited)

Far from it. Tavern Games is just/only another gambling/dice game. But with an interesting looking skin. So at least the developers put effort into it. This includes art and the story around it. I like the somewhat funny stories/conversations behind the games, for example the talking raven. The Tavern Games would be a very good game, if the developers would not have made it into a gambling game.

That's great


I have tried the game. I claimed the Rookie Chest.

I have won three 0.10 Tavern Coins. I played "Goblin Prince" once, which I lost, but I also played "The Blind Rune" twice, and I won both times. 0.104 Steem twice, so 0.208 Steem. And if I count the 0.001 Steem after I lost my first "Goblin Prince" game, then I won 0.209 Steem with this game without investment.

But investing into this kind of game would be gambling, and I am no longer gamble (Magic Dice and Epic Dice were enough), so I will not invest any Steem into the "Tavern Games", nor any other gambling game.

Thanks for sharing your opinion

  ·  last month (edited)Reveal Comment

@lordbutterfly I have been helping one of the developers of this game for many weeks now and honestly calling it

Get rich quick, low effort junk.

is rather demeaning and just trash talking a new game designed specifically for the Steem blockchain that several people have put a lot of effort into.

I also gave your blog a look and have some suggestions on how you could perhaps stop producing low effort junk.

I also downvoted your comment because you used unoriginal content in the form of your gif that is even branded to a website. Oh and also you seem like a jerk.

Cheers and have a nice day... or not.

  ·  last month (edited)Reveal Comment

I actually was just testing the mute and undid it before replying.

To the best of my knowledge the game was coded from scratch and the graphics were definitely not purchased from the site you mentioned.

You seem to have some rather strong sentiments and perhaps some overly emotional reactions to this game, the post and these comments so I am thinking that perhaps I should just leave you to them because I can in no way offer you any professional help.

This is my last comment to you and hopefully we never cross paths again.

Take care of yourself and please try to become a better person.

You're very right @jacobpeacock

To build game like this one and pay for those kind of graphics is not easy.

This is my last comment to you and hopefully we never cross paths again.
Take care of yourself and please try to become a better person.

Good choice. I've also tried to talk politely to this user, however I found his responses usually very rude so I stopped.

Yours, Piotr

Thanks @crypto.piotr! I thought that it was the best way to deal with it.

Hi again @jacobpeacock

Thank you for your reply.

Can I ask you for little favour? I joined contest called "Community of the week" with project I manage and I would be grateful if you could RESTEEM it and help me get some exposure and drop some encouraging comment :)

Link to my post: on steemit or on steempeak

Thanks :)
Yours, Piotr

No thanks. Please quit sending me Memo messages. Honestly that whole strategy of yours is awful and damages your reputation as well as those connected to you. Please reconsider your strategy.

Best regards.

Thanks for sharing your opinion. We have provably fair details explaining how it works on the site.

This feels like a dejavu. Weird.

Yes. To me too. Magic Dice, Epic Dice, SteemBet, and so on. Just/only another gambling game. But at least the art and the characters are nice around it, so the developers visibly put some work, effort and time into it.

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You may disagree with the game philosophy, but calling it junk is mean.

Noone is forced to play it. It makes good use of blockchain (though admittingly nothing completely new). Has some nice artwork and most of all a dedicated developer.

Don't be the jerk who can only be negative about new dapps.

but calling it junk is mean

Im a mean person that dislikes the path dapp platforms are taking and doesnt want Steem to take that same path of random number generator apps dominance. And ill fight as much as i can to raise awareness that this is NOT what STEEM or crypto needs.

Steem has much more to offer and is offering much more then this at this exact moment.

Steem has much more to offer and is offering much more then this at this exact moment.


Though with all the other great games and dapp that are emerging on Steem I don't see the risk, that the dice gambling games take over. Especially not Tavern Games which give their best to give a nice feeling (artworks, (very) basic story telling) to the players, is reasonably fair and (up to this point) are far from many other "bling bling, cash cash" games which I personally dislike as well.

Gambling dice games and random number generators like this are the lowest of low in terms of dapp development.
Thats why you have a million of them.

They're the simplest and easiest way to move steem from the pockets of the community into the pockets of devs who are more often then not anonimus like was the case with @magic.dice.
Magic dice that committed a swift exit scam and stole folks money.
Not saying that will happen with this dev but reason for caution especially when dealing with low effort development like this should be at a much higher level.

If I can make gambling dapp developers feel unwelcome even a bit and they avoid steem, I'd feel good about it.
Gambling transactions are almost completely worthless anyways. Most done by Bots running scripts.

No clue about what happened with @magic.dice, but it is not hard to trust you that he was a scammer.

Most done by Bots running scripts.

Disagree on this one. Bots should only be feasible if you can win longterm. Which usually is not the case with gambling.

How about trying a different approach?
If you see some good elements within a new gambling dapp (like the graphics and setting in this one), tell the devs that you dislike gambling dapps very much but would like to see a different game using their strenghts.

Actually: @taverngames this is what I would suggest to the tavern as well: Hurry up and push the gambling games into the dark and shabby corner of the tavern and fascinate the players with different types of games :)

(btw. easy to say, as I already know that this is the plan of Thamrog, the Dwarf ;-))

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I think this comment is not related to the post, besides placing a link with redirector is not very advisable on this blogging platform.

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May the power of prediction be with you @jacobpeacock and win a lot of Steem!

Thanks @taverngames. The art looks awesome!

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Thanks. We hope you will enjoy it :) A little late but finally released :)

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No, you can test it for free as well. Go to the onboarding tab ( after logging into and grab the free chest :)
If you like it and you run out of the free coins, buy more coins and play more.

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Dear community mods can you please address this user spamming my post.
@project.hope @achim03 @crypto.piotr @juanmolina @thetimetravelerz @fucho80 @jadams2k18 @pedrobrito2004 @lanzjoseg @achim03

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I see drama, I upvote.

This is not a dice game. We also have another game on our site. Please stop spamming under this post and provide some original feedback.

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