Where Should I Delegate My Steem Power?

in SteemLeo •  last month 

I'm not sure what is working for roi or not anymore. The site seems to be shifting. Please let me know. Should I just use it on myself until the sites picks up again?

Or should I park it somewhere and walk away for a few months?


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I looked a little into the Qurator coin on Steem-Engine and you can actually delegate to get this coin daily, and also the more coins you earn the more you earn :D

Idk just check this out https://steemit.com/qurator/@qurator/introducing-the-qurator-token-details-inside

Yeah I earned a few of them and switched to Leo but maybe I'll switch back.

Delegate to @steemflagrewards and maybe we can take on bigger farmers.

I applaud your effort but bigger farmers are not the problem anymore. Steemit needs to buy and burn millions or coins or the market needs to turn. No one cares about steem under a dollar and nothing we do here will be enough unless a big change is made. I've been here for years and cant risk more time here until things improve.

Steemit needs to buy and burn millions or coins

With what?
Didn't that easy money get blown on blow, guitars and festivals?
I don't think they thought it would last this long.

It's true, steem is not currently paying much in btc, but these are gonna be the best paying times in steem.
When more folks come because the price went higher we will get less steem.

You gotta do what you do.
If you leave, that means more for me!

I hear you, just getting tired. I'm still looking for roi and to make steem just not excited right now.

For every man that gets a steem without working is another that man worked but didn't get his steem,...
Big Bill Haywood

why can't you decide for yourself?

lol I can decide but I'm looking for ideas of what is best.

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So How long do you have these thoughts? maybe you need some more time to make a decision. Are these thoughts bothering you? Is your goal to earn more? Or find some peace or what else?

Just looking for best roi and something that helps steemit grow. Steem profit checker is down. If you have any ideas let me know?

Send them to me. I will show you how to waste them. =P
Because of this the best ROI is me for now.


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I know how you feel @whatageek, I had a little tide into steem-ua and while I have been away (due to family problems) I didn't know that they were down powering. I have now taken my delegation back as why should I invest in something that isn't going to benefit anyone any more.
I am a little lost with words on how steem is right now but I am hoping that the future brings bright things for it.