Steem back to $1 by New Years?

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How awesome would this scenario be if it plays out :

Just imagine the whole Tron rumor turns out to be just a rumor? Steem pumps 100% in a few days before we discover it was just a rumor. $0.20

In the process of news coming out about steem people realize SMT’s and communities are a thing now. It doesn’t catch on right away and steem makes a small correction after the hype dies down and everyone realizes Tron isn’t happening. $0.17

But the word is out already, SMT’s and communities are a thing. More people notice and it’s generates more news. There’s another 100% pump. $.40.

A week goes by. During that time we notice many steemians who left came back to the platform. Some of those people are the biggest names that were on the platform. They start telling their fan base how they’ve come back to steem.

Steem pumps another 100%. $.80. The FOMO kicks in and we break that $1 mark.

Now don’t get too excited because this is just a mental exercise but wouldn’t it be awesome? It’s not as if it’s completely out of the realm of possibilities.

Obviously I’m not a financial advisor and this is just some crazy speculation but here’s to hoping!

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Nice dream...

HOWEVER, I recently just bought another 5K steem, and what I had in mind was a comment @bubke made at SF4, whose recently bought a lot more at these low prices: 'at this price you could sell at $1 and make a fortune', or something like that.

Now I've bought a lot at $0.12, selling at $0.33 would represent a serious 200% return.

Obviously I don't know what peoples' out points are, but you can bet that a lot of people who have bought down at these bargain basement prices are going to be selling a significant amount if the price does start to rise - a 100% or 200% return is a great place to get out, so there's going to be a lot downward pressure on the price, should demand pick up.

It may be some time coming, if it ever does.

I know :-). I’m just playing. And crypto can still be pretty erratic. I’m hoping for $0.50 someday soon though.

@bubke is still around? Glad to hear that.

What do you see happening with steem over the next few months?

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Steem over the next few months - no idea~! I'm keeping a close eye on the eco-village project though, which is something I'd like to get involved with next year!

I'd like to just see a steady stream of new users and maybe old users coming back to increase the user base.

It's still the best place for me to post my various ramblings on!

I know what you mean! I stopped hoping for it to become a source of income, but if it sticks around, it may end up being one before long. The community is worth staying here though, even if we stay where we are.

It is the bizarre sense of belonging to this place that keeps me here for sure, as well as the long-term potential... but it is quiet of late!

proof of still being around :-)

Man that is one big bowl of hopeium you are munching on for breakfast.

Just enjoying my fantasies :-) hahaha

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"And in the middle of it all Bitcoin crashes back to 6200 dragging all the alt coins including Steem into the pit" is somewhat more believable.

$1 million bitcoin tomorrow! :-P

Iam running to get some more right now!!

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Hahahahaha what if this post is the catalyst for the bull run? Hahahhaa

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but bitshares is kinda down right now, so how can we take our STEEM profits?

tronshares obviously :-P I don't know how people are trading steem these days. I haven't in forever.

bring all this abundance on xx

This post is programming :-D

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