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Check This Blockchain Game: My Feudal Blockchain Life

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Really enjoy your posts! I'm still having fun with tronhives, learning a lot about the blockchian. I'll keep this one in mind! Thanks for the research you do, and for the excellent explanations!

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Yeah, isn't Tronhives great? I'm funding Blocklords through it alone :)

Tronhives so far is the best game that I've come across, for those who want to start slow on the TRON network. I don't know if it will last, but I'm learning a lot and not finding any problems. As you said in a previous post, the Discord community is very helpful.

You might find TronCosmos interesting!!!

Cool... will check it out, no doubt, will register through your link when I do.

Cool... will check it out,
No doubt, will register through
Your link when I do.

                 - spiritualmax

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thanks! I noticed that the ingame token COSMOS can be purchased for much less on the market than in the game. That token is how you collect TRX dividends from the game!

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