The Proper Way to Use an Exploding Dwarfs

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Exploding Dwarf .png

The Exploding Dwarf is a specialty card.

It deals a lot of damage.

But one hit, and it is out of the game.

It only really has a chance to act in two different combat situations:

  1. Melee Monsters can attack from any position

  2. All Melee Attack Monsters have the Snipe Ability.

Outside of those parameters, it is really just a hit and miss. It could be very effective if you use it as the first card in the lineup, but if you deal with anyone faster than it, its dead, and just took a bunch of space for nothing.

Here is a screenshot of a battle I had using the exploding dwarf.

Followed by two links so you can see the dwarf in action.

I'm @monstermama in the field of battle.

See you out there.

PS. If you know of any good tutorials on how to rent cards, please point them my way. I have level four of these exploding dwards, and some unicorns I would love to turn into passive income.

Screenshot 2019-08-11 at 10.00.00 AM.png

another example


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