Gods Unchained: Claim Your Tokens in This Paid to Play Paradise!

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Introduction and Thank You Note

Hello everyone.

Today I'm going to talk about Gods Unchained, a really cool game reminiscent of Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering that I got to know through @acidyo.

First of all, thank you @acidyo for letting me know about this game, and to give you my thanks I not only signed up under you (I've been earning you some tokens already) but I also placed you as a beneficiary of this post.

That's right, 5% of the post rewards are going your way, even though these days they are not much I'm giving them gladly.

So now that the thank you is out of the way, let's dive into Gods Unchained and why I think it's so special.


How Good Does Gods Unchained Play Like?

Well, this is part of what gives it such charm. Those of you who, like me, are used to participate in Crypto games and paid to play gaming in general know that these games are usually something a bit low-budget visual or gameplay wise.

This isn't the case with Gods Unchained, as it is a game that has premium, hard work and great design written all over it.

To see what I'm talking about, see the trailer above and watch how fluid the gameplay is and how artistically natural it feels.

You'll instantly see the Hearthstone and Magic TCG influence, and that's a great thing as many of us, including myself, have played that game.

Throughout this article I'll tell you more about the game, and I'll finish it by providing everyone with a free invite to check it out.



Real Value Tokens and Cards: Plenty of Free Rewards

As you can see in the image above, the cards you own are connected to your Ethereum wallet and in-game account.

There are two editions of cards as of now, the core and the genesis.

There are also other tokens which are the raffle tickets, and these you get on wins. What you'll be able to earn with no investment whatsoever is - for now - the raffle tickets.

You get about 0.01 ETH per 1000 raffle tickets as of now, and I get 1000 raffle tickets after 3-4 hours of playing the game so the return for no investment people is huge since the game is so good you'll be playing it anyway.

Honestly, it's not worth it playing hearthstone if you play this and earn free ETH.

On the other hand, the marketplace will open soon and you'll be able to buy and sell cards as well. You can buy and sell cards right now, but only from the paid edition, so you can also get huge profits on this line, but you'll have to invest first.

For those who don't invest, I think a good benchmark may be 1000 raffle tickets per each 4 hours of play. (again 0.01 ETH at this time, but that can change).

The cards are very complex in their combos and abilities, much like in Magic and Hearthstone, so if you only play #Splinterlands you'll have to adapt.



Supported By Coinbase, SORA Ventures and More!

The game is also endorsed and supported by some big names, one of those Coinbase which needs no introduction.

I've already sold my first batch of tokens for 0.013 wETH that I converted to Ethereum and I'm still thinking if I buy booster packs with these and future earnings or just convert it to Steem and Power them up, but one thing is for sure - we're getting into an era where all you do is tokenized and valued by people in a community, and this is only the start.

Want to know the real awesome thing about the game though?

Here it goes!



Magic The Gathering Ties: The Men In Charge

One of the guys in charge of Gods Unchained is actually the one of the guys who was in charge of Magic the Gathering Arena.

We all know MTG is huge, and we now know why Gods Unchained is such a good game.

They also say something interesting they thought about when developing the game - taking the good things out of both Magic and Hearthstone and combine them into a new product, a product that is this closed beta game slowly approaching launch time.

This is why you should get in early.



If You Want to Invest: Genesis Cards are the go-to!

If you want to invest in this project, which I'm very tempted to do myself, you'll want to grab some of the above showned cards - the collection of 380 Genesis cards.

These cards can be and were already auctioned in the past, one of which fetched a little bit over $62,000 - and I'll talk about that later on.

Now, these cards can be used on your decks together with the core cards, but the rewards that you'll get for free play will enable you to build great decks in a short time.

To get you a notion of the rewards I'm talking about, in my first 3 hours of play I oppened about 20 free booster packs - from level ups mostly because each level up you'll get a free booster pack.

Now, the more you lose the less you'll receive of course as EXP is bigger with victories and you'll also get those high value raffle ticks on wins - so winners earn money faster.

But the focus here is in the gameplay.

As a crypto gamer #lifestyle guy, I play some games which are an absolute chore to capitalize on, and are no fun at all.

For example, I got tired of Crypto Knights very quickly - it just isn't fun.

Here, I would play this game with no trouble, it has all the elements of a REAL game and not a Crypto Gimmick, which makes all the difference.



Here's the Card I Was Talking About:

Here is what I'm talking about.

As you can see in the image above, Hyperion was auctioned by a whooping 62K.

This just goes to show that the game has a lot of potential, because players are invested in their collections.

Granted this is top tier legendary level, but @acidyo has a card that is worth quite alot, and you all know even Steem Monster cards are starting to have insane value and its a much more home-made project - no offense to the developers whom I also love and congratulate on their huge success.




Onboarding and Starting to Play

This seems to be one of these games that is easy to start playing and hard to master, much like the games it draws inspiration from.

On the other hand, if you are used to playing trading card games then you'll have absolutely no problem getting into Gods Unchained.

The tooltips are everything you need though, the game has an extremely good onboarding curve and isn't daunting not even for those just starting it.

There are also a lot of different game modes to spice things up.




New Things Coming Soon: The Good Thing About Getting There Early

The good thing about getting in early isn't only getting an advantage over people who get there later and an investment lead, but also to be able to gradually have complexity being thrown in and also having time to prepare yourself for future events.

For instances, there will be new game modes coming out and new features added, but one of the things that gets players excited the most is the marketplace launch.

You'll have some time, although not much, to prepare a solid position for when the marketplace opens and cards start flying!

Also, can I just point out how awesome a trading card MOBA is?

(MOBAs are Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas)




Customize Your Play Style: Different Players, Different Strategies

You have a lot of customization on available for your playstyle needs, and while in Hearthstone every hero has a different power, in Gods Unchained you'll be able to select among 3 God Powers to aid you in your quest to slay your opponent.

You'll also have a lot of possible combos, strategies and traps to lay to your enemies, and playstyles are hugely different from person to person, ranging from control, traps, direct damage, quick decks and other staples of a good Magic the Gathering tournament style tactic.

Finally, the community is always sharing good guides and tactics, collaborating in building decks and showing off their playstyles.

There is even a tool in which you can build and share a guide that comes complete with the ETH cost to make it and you can buy it directly.

I already made my deck there and it's a control deck which you can see here:

(https://gudecks.com/decks/722) - Deck together with guide... I just love it, but it isn't for everyone.

It helps me have a clean board in the opponent's side.



Gods Unchained Roadmap: Here's Where We Stand

So, as you can see in the image above, we're still in the early stages of the game and pre-launch.

If you start now you won't pick up the early card sale, but you'll catch the market launch, the game launch and tournaments launch, which is the best part anyway.

I'm truly excited to see where this game is going to end up, and the World Championships will sure be great to watch and to steal strategies from.

As far as the events I'm more excited with - they are the market launch and tournaments launch, since I think those are going to be good money making and card winning opportunities.

For now I'll just keep farming cards, strenghtening my decks and selling those Raffle tokens for sweet ETH.



Here's Your Free Invite: Claim Your Cards and Free Tokens Now

If you got as exciting reading this post as I was writting it, then chances are you want to jump onboard and check this game yourself.

Well, it's closed beta and with an invite only, so here you go - my invite link:


If you sign up, consider using my invite above as I'll get a free bonus of raffle tickets out of it.

Get started with your own deck now and watch what the fuss is all about.

See you there, and let me know if you need anything.

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Great post, glad my posts reached out to some new players and potential investors! I have to admit I've been pretty hooked lately even though my laptop is pretty laggy with it which is something I would have never endured with other games so it says a lot. Can't wait for a mobile version as that's when I first got hooked to Hearthstone too even though I knew about it from before it existed as I was an active WoW player.

Are you planning on keeping the raffle tickets for the mythic like I am? Good luck in that case, would be cool if a Steemian manages to get it.

Something I didn't see in your post that I've heard about lately that might come to GU as well (already exists on SM) is combining cards for shiny ones which will probably add a lot more scarcity to the genesis cards and also there's leasing coming up in the future if you don't want to sell your extra cards. I'm pretty exicted about GU and even though I've retired from investing after I got the diamond legendary I feel like it would be a good decision to keep buying some more now and then cause if it becomes as big as HS is today the genesis cards are gonna become really popular!

Lastly another thing I like is that they are making sure to keep cards balanced and many say the core cards are stronger than the genesis ones so it's not fully pay to play but can create some pretty powerful decks with them combined.

Hey man,

Thanks for the awesome upvote, and don't worry about the beneficiary it was something I thought off to compensate you for the referrals I would be getting by telling people about the game you told me about :)

I didnt know about the card combination you mentioned, nice!

As for the cards, I can definitely say that core ones do the job just fine, how far are you on Constructed Deck Ranked?

Also, I don't think I'll be keeping the raffles since there's just one prize... if there were consolation prizes or something I'd consider it.... I still didn't sold the bulk of my raffles, still holding, but will probably sell in order to invest more into a game I'm focusing that I'll post about in a few minutes.

That, or to power up on Steem Power.

Actually, the game I "main" in still doesn't have the referral system launched, so I'm going to wait for it, shared the game I'm playing on mobile now instead. Cheers

I’ve never been into card games, and only came late into Splinterlands.

This looks like something that could grab my attention more, so thanks for posting about it. I’ll definitely check it out!!!!

Posted using Partiko iOS

It's definitely one of the best crypto games out there, as you can see in the trailer... if you do get in and want to play or need any tips let me know.

I finally got it worked out.... but I have no idea how to play, so I’m going to have to read up more on the rules of gameplay. I’ve never played MTG so I have no starting point to understand the mechanics of it all.

Posted using Partiko iOS

Nice long and detailed article, hence my full upvote. But yikes, I will not touch that game. It looks really good but runs on Ethereum. And I prefer to stay 100% in Steem with everything I do.

Everyone has his own way, no worries, my way is I only touch in tokens which have Dapps - Steem, EOS and Ethereum.

I believe crypto to be great for communities, even greater than for accounting and financing purposes, hence my way of supporting all community driven tokens.

Thanks for the upvote old friend :D

hmm i see another post for this game. I think this game is beckoning to play hehehe time to learn this I hope it is not as complicated as it looks like.

It isn't complicated... you need to play once or twice and you instantly understand it.

Thank you for stopping by Ankarlie!

Yeah I might since there are rewards being given out might as well make use of the cards I bought almost 2 years ago LOL

Oh and thanks for the beneficiary even though not necessary, remember this post will pay out past HF21 so I'll earn 50% curation. :)