An awesome addition to STEEM - SteemCITY game based on NFT's

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I had intended to write a different post tonight, but something caught my eye and this post instead is the result.

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Earlier, @donald.porter posted about the new SteemCITY game. Here is his post. As soon as I read it my eye's lit up. I have dipped my toe in the SteemCITY water and was impressed, but haven't really got much liquid STEEM to launch into it full force right now.


You can trade on the market for any Steem-Engine token.

Yup, any SE token can be used as a unit of trade on the SteemCITY marketplace. I just listed some of my items for sale, with a factory sold for JAHM, and a home listed for LEO and a homeless person up for sale for 1 SPI token.

jk6276 city sales.JPG

I honestly believe that this game will be the "next big thing" on STEEM, and will become an obsession for many of us. The opportunity is there for tribes to encourage use of their tokens to trade, and build in the city, plus events and sponsorship options are endless.

To find items available in your favourite currency, simply use the search bar:

leo sale.JPG

To sell an item, simply click the shopping basket icon, and then fill in the form. Only 3 currency options appear by default, but you can simply type in whatever SE token you want to sell for.

city sell.JPG

I won't go into the details of game-play, the info page is pretty self explanatory. Be warned, this is not a free to play game, it will cost STEEM to buy randomised cards (4 STEEM each).

Congratulations to @gerber, @mys and @zaxan for creating an awesome addition to the STEEM DApp eco-system. You can find the official launch post here. NFT's are front and center here, and the possibilities are limitless.



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tweeted this out using the new AltYES browser extension.


So many fun stuff its a great game so far and the AltYES is great.

I'm liking the AltYES so far. Nice to have a tool that lets us share both ways - to and from mainstream social media.

This is definitely on my list of things to look into!

Gives us another thing to play with, and possibly another drain on our liquid steem and steem-engine tokens.