after Hf 21 how can we support to newbies ?steemCreated with Sketch.

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Hardfork 21 makes things more complicated. first problem is when we have small steem power for example our power is 10k and we see a post by a newbie and want to upvote on it when we upvote our upvote value instead of 10 cent . will go to 5 cent . so why a person containing 10k to 100k steem power will upvote a newbie and support him .
For example :
I have 100k power my upvote worth 1$ when i upvote some one new they get 50 cent upvote and 50 cent disappear to SPS fund. Second thing is that when the person get 50 cent upvote 50/50 reward apply then we get only 25 cent . so a person who is holding 100k steem power will get only 25 cent for curation . then will will only upvote on large payout post which are in trending so that the list of trending get lot of upvote + lot of downvote because downvote is fully free of cost .
it will not encourage newbies to join steem and if they work hard write big articles and do not use promotional bots which right now not profitable they will never get a free upvote from whales.
Whales always like to sell upvote or delegate their power to bots to make sure they earn good.
I think 20 steem limit before get full money is a very high limit it should not be more then 2 steem so that newbie will be able to get good reward too and also it will discourage self upvoint.
Right now bots owner and steem power holders all are confuse where to go curate or delegate only big whales like 500k power are happy because they can only sell upvote small power holders will not able to get any reward they can only delegate , so i see many people are powering down , i did not understood the concept if hf21 but most witness says it will increase the steem value but if happen so it will be amazing otherwise a big downtrend is comming , because investor always try to find a best return on their investment.

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First of all you should not give your vote within the first 5 minutes. You get nothing, neither will the writer/newbie.

If this newbie writes good content and is active you can support by delegating SP. That is what I do too.

You can also help by giving tips/advice see for example my other account @wakeupkitty.pal

Help with SBI, advice always to join a contest with each post and use @dustsweeper or @dustbunny as soon as possible.

You better not vote on comments but on a post to make a payout easier or hit the 20 steem!

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hi @healthexpert

This is indeed a good question. Right now I believe that supporting newbies may be more important than ever before. I seriously don't see new people really being able to have any traffic / exposure any more.

Let's face it - Steemit (in my opinion) made it clear with previous and current fork, that they do not care about large userbase. They care about money = about promoting those users who would invest and power up. Everyone else means very little. That's anyway my strong impression so far.

Upvote on the way :)