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Give and earn

Hi friends i know many of you will surprise how you can earn 6% per month by giving me your steem .
If you invest 100 steem you will get 6 steem back after one month and you can also ask for withdraw your steem investment after 3 month. you can earn upto 60 steem per month for investing 1000 steem to my account.
I will not convert your steem into steem power , actually i am a forex trader i will trade with your steem and make upto 20% per month and give you 6% PER MONth if you scare to try it you can try with small amount.
I am in forex market from 3 years i have my own investment too , so no need to worry about my loss or profit i will give you only profit if loss happen i will take it my responsibility, i am so professional in trading that i am damm sure i can make 20% a month easily.

What is forex

Forex trading is highly risky trading but when you become expert into it you can make money by closing your eyes. I have a strategy where i use some kind of indicators which give me clear picture whether to buy or sell , how much the chances of profit , my indicators are working good from years, i can say there is also profit and loss in trading forex market. my best trading strategy works on gold and oil, These two products are my favourites.
Mostly i Trade in

USd/ Cad

How to invest with me

First of all you need to send me at least 10 to 1000 steem and wait for 1 month i will automatically send you your profit

1/I will give you fix 6% profit a month

2/If i loss in trade i will pay your loss

3/You can withdraw your all investment after 3 month if you want or continue with me

/4You can also request for daily profit

hardfork 22 and your earning

Right now after hardfork 22 many minnows are not earning well and worried about the money they are holding your money is dropping daily basis and you are worried about the future of steem. So while you are holding your money why not you invest it to me and make good money.
I am here from years now you can check out date of account creation , so no need to worry about my reputation.
Many of you invest in Hyip website where you loss your money and hope together but working with me you will never loss . i will give you all my identity so you can contact me on my phone number if you are interested you can meet me too and come to my house for verification , You can give it a try with very small money .

COmment and talk to me if you are interested

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Anybody thinking about this, please do your due diligence first.

Loan me money so I can go speculate in forex and I'll pay you 72% a year? Think for a moment first.

Yes think wise before invest and contact me on Facebook take reviews of my social account i am money exchanger since 5 years. giving 6% a month through forex is very easy . if you have doubt on my abilities you can visit my facebook page where i given signals long time ago. i am professional trader https://web.facebook.com/octaforexsignals/

What assurance do I have that I will get my 6% monthly? I am a minnow and it's true themese are hard times for us

@m0nst3r you can try with small money no need to invest big i have 5 year experience in crypto and 3 year in forex. i am a successful money exchanger and most trusted person you can get my reviews my social media profile https://web.facebook.com/faisal.usdexchanger

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