Steemit Price fall why failed to gain after Fork 22

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Most witness will threaten to This post and may Disagree with my statement. But the truth is bitter , do you remember steem was 6$ when it was allowed all kind of freedom to make money , using bots , freedom of speech , freedom of advertisement of your posts to top ranking and trending , But when Witness and whales start strictness and tried to implement those rules forcefully which are not mentioned anywhere in terms and condition.
So @aggroed is the person who is behind the fork 22 and He claimed that Steem will be great after 22 fork , Free downvote EIP reward curve system ,
So The problem is that they have reduced so much reward on holding steem powder even the price of steem is dropping reward should be high so it will attract new investors and encourage old ones too to power up more and buy more steem.
But after new strict rules and no freedom of speech , every one could destroy your investment if they do not like your posts,
You will see many of people will not like this post too , i see many projects even paying 10% a month are running successfully from last 5 years and lot of investors are interested in these projects.
I measure all the steem issues and at the end i stick on this conclusion that still Steem price is dropping due to so many reasons. Right now a investor of steemit or author has so many fears to work on steemit or to write on steemit.
i also stop investing in steemit and finding other projects due to these reason many of my friends are stop working and writing steemit.

Reason of steemit failure

Steemit excessive downvotes specially big whale OCDB who has even no contribution to steemit and have no own shares , got free shares from @freedom is now a day downvoting people who are using bots , which lead to spread fear and most people stop sell bitcoin to buy steem to invest in bots for profit

Many of my friend like @shrazi is writing a good articles but no one curate him He is really disappointed, we also have family and kids to feed , could not relay on begging for curation because most whales only support their favourite authors or friends circle steemit has million of users 95% are ignored , Only famous authors get lot of reward.

The Return on investment for steem power is so much reduced that new investors are not happy to come here and the withdraw period of steem power holding is 3 month which is too long imagine you hold 100000$ worth steemit powder you can earn only 8% a year from your investment but when you hold your power there are people who got free power from wales who are daily selling their volume because they have not invested here , they are making free money , so if you invested on steem power you will earn 8% per annum but bound your money for 3 month also you earn only 8% per annum but price of steem will drop 50% per annum so what you will earn only loss


At the end i will say that the main reason of steem price failure is power of @freedom which has been given to many bots and whales without paying any thing these whales are giving very less money to @freedom but selling lot of steemit to exchange markets if @freedom take all his power back specially from bots and from useless projects and give only good projects like @steemhunt and @dtube ,So that reward will be distributed fairly and most free money makers and bots who are selling excessively and power down and making free money from freedom power will be stopped and when they stopped steem should increase profit for holding steem power so new organic investors come and invest on steemit it will give value to this platform .

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So The problem is that they have reduced so much reward on holding steem powder even the price of steem is dropping reward should be high so it will attract new investors and encourage old ones too to power up more and buy more steem.

Get your facts straight, the changes in HF22 make holding SP more atractive since curation rewards are now 100% higher compared to pre-hardfork. Besides the drop in price happened way before HF21 was proposed. You are just sad that you can't use bidbots anymore.

I am glad that shitposters, bidbot users and operatos can't milk the system like before.

@onthewayout wow then why steem price sink ? can you answer more curation but people are powering down and leaving for other projects . What positive gain on steemit with so many updates and forks steem going more down , stop threaten steemians. can you see how much ocdb is invested on steemit look at his account he is powering down and shifting all his money to his alt accounts and selling daily 1000 steem so how could price come up when every whale who got free power from freedom is selling but downvoting those who come here and invest their btc to steem think about it.

...but people are powering down and leaving for other projects.

The numbers tell a different story, since September 16 a total of 4,797,406 steem has been powered down but 8,071,648 has been powered up so you are incorrect. That is net positive of 3,274,242. Yes some people are leaving but that is to be expected if the bid bot users and serial spammers can't milk the system anymore.

I was expecting the price to go lower but it has held up very well especially against bitcoin until yesterday (but that has more to do with day traders jumping on the BTC pump and has nothing to do with the conequences of HF21/22).

The drop in price on September 24 also has nothing to do with the changes from the last hardfork. That is when BTC dropped from almost 10k USD to 8K USD.

Steem Price.png

lol the reality is that there are less buyer and more sellers in live trading market which is awful

The reality is that this has been like this for a long time. It was like that before and after the hardfork but as you can see from the numbers that I presented that more steem is being powered up than powered down after the changes. Will that trend continue? Maybe. Did the changes make the price go down? No, steem has been trading within a range especially against BTC and the sudden drops are clearly linked to the dumps in bitcoin and the changes have not had a significant impact on the price.

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