Curator (Investor?) Cat On Steemleo: The Value of Investing in OURSELVES!

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Although I am just a cat, I have been continuing to contemplate how to maximize my experience in this blockchain world, particularly with all these new tribes and tokens.

I started to explore this a little, earlier in the week... and now cautiously taking another step forward.

Watching the world from a lofty perch...

SteemLEO: About Investing?

Of course, unlike many people here, I'm not really here “for the money,” in the sense that I have never seen this as a "quick buck." What I mean to say, is that I'm not looking at my contributions here as a current income generator, but more like a long-term savings account.

So lately, I have been watching all these new tokens spring up through Steem-Engine.

I guess you could call them cryptocurrencies, but at the same time, they are all a subset of the Steem network. At least, they are part of the Steem blockchain, if I am interpreting everything correctly.

Meanwhile, we also have SMT's on the horizon. That, however, is beyond the scope of my current understanding, as well as beyond the scope of this post.

To get back to the point, I have been watching various new tokens show up in my wallet on Steem-Engine. One of these is LEO, which is also what inspired me to write this post — my first, using the #steemleo tag!

Wait... is that another airdrop I see? No, it was just a bird... too bad!

Investing in OURSELVES...

As I have been considering my airdrop of LEO tokens (along with various other tokens), I increasingly started wondering about this whole issue of investing in ourselves.

I strongly believe part of what has caused the lagging price of Steem (and other cryptos, for that matter) is that too many people are looking at all this as "free money," and an opportunity to purchase next week's pizza... which is really NOT "investing."

LEO is supposedly a sort of "investing" tribe. But let's consider some alternative interpretations of that word!

If I take the approach that each of these tokens we can get here are basically the equivalent of different currencies you can put into different savings accounts, then I can also start viewing my blogging experience and Steemlandia (as a whole) as more of a general or retirement savings plan, than as a "current income" opportunity.

Maybe I'm old fashioned, but "earning income" is generally not the same thing as "investing!" And consider the fact that in the greater investment world, the vast majority of bona-fide investments do not generate income; they generate appreciation in value over time.

Looking at things from a different angle?

Cashing Out: Is it Counterproductive?

The point I'm trying to make here, is that if we keep selling and cashing out every fraction of a token we make, it creates constant selling pressure on the markets... so how is the base price of these investments we have here ever going to increase, if there are always more SELLERS thaqn BUYERS???

It is here, I truly believe, that a lot of people misunderstand the whole meaning behind “investing.” Taking the money and running with it, isn’t investing! That's like calling your day job "investing."

Investing, at least as I understand it, is about finding and acquiring an asset and then holding it with the expectation that it will increase in value, in the long-term.

All this buying some cryptocurrency, and then hoping it will triple in value next week, that sounds more playing the lottery than anything! But hey, to each their own!

Anyway, keeping all this in mind, I have decided to fully stake my airdrops of PAL and CreativeCoin tokens, and now my airdrop of LEO coins, with the hopes that they might increase in value in the long-term. And creating appropriate content for each tag, and curating similar content by others also makes me feel like I am supporting the communities I am part of... after all, I am "CURATOR" Cat!

And that's a good thing, right? Well, at least I think so! Weren't "communities" and "proof-of-brain" part of the whole plan, here? Are YOU Investing in yourself? What is your time horizon?

And now, I will take off my "Investor Cat" hat, for today!

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend! Tomorrow is "Caturday!"


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I think you are heading in the right direction. Whereas the money is a bonus, if you will, if everyone just goes out and sells as some are, it does create a negative effect. I have staked mine as well. Thanks for sharing your insight. Have a purrr-fect night.

I'm just looking to stake a "core group" of tribes I can relate to... when you put all your focus on "does it make money," you soon end up forgetting that part of the whole purpose of being here is enjoyment, as well.


I agree with you that all the dumping of airdropped coins creates tremendous downward pressure on coin price. This is bad, but good for investors who see this as a buying opportunity. I agree also that cryptocurrency earnings can be used to buy pizza, but the real value here is in the long game.
Cheers 🍻

I'm not going to deny that the "pizza money" can be nice, but I increasingly feel like it misses the point. If you need something like this for current income, go GET A JOB. I don't mean that as an angry stab at anyone, but more as the reality that 99% of the world would make more money flipping burgers for minimum wage than they would playing around with "smaller stake" cryptocurrency... or blogging on Steem.

Indeed, the value is in the long game, and that long game exists in two functional ways: 1, you get to hold and accumulate, and eventually it adds up to something, and 2, BECAUSE you are playing the long game you will behave in a manner that is supportive of the community you're invested in, rather than being destructive towards it.


Meow meow meow meow meow, meow meow. Meow meow meow meow?

Meow, meow, meow, meow!

I think I'll leave the one-word dialogues to Meep, though... but I do appreciate your observations!



That cat looks like Baghira panther, or atleast a family of it. Yup... I am absolutely clueless, on steem token stuff, I watch only BTC, LTC stuff, but my article in Steem earned me some steem which makes me a holder of steem.

And I earned that with a lot of hardwork, since like Oct last year, I never got out any payout for a longish time until like 2-3 articles back...(: ... so in time maybe if you write good content that attracts others you can get some steem stuff(I am not going to invest currency money but will leave the steem I earn here in the steem wallet) and maybe if price appreciates I make money?, that is long term and like no pressure stuff.

I love to support projects and hold money but some projects are going down, like ADA, a coin that is supposed to have gone up is like beaten so badly that I don't know what to do, I am still holding though.

So, I am mix, you can keep holding yup but you have to sell your coins when they go up sometime, and for that you need to keep stop loss, target and be a bit diciplined and organised.

If you get a hang of investing and trading, selling just before the price of coin reaches resistance and buying when the coin has strong support, I think you can make money. But damn yeah, I have to spend a while everyday a little seeing all that, its almost like a part time job this investing, but its all good I guess.

Yup for now, just hold those Steem stuff, coz its all bullish I think...if alt season kicks in, Steem may rise up and up so I heard Nicholous of Datadash say, but don't have hopes on it, its all a possibility, nothing is certain.

You can never earn money easily in investing. But you can choose your coins as wisely as possible and keep learning selling and buying at the oppurne time, I think.

Since this is early days of those tokens, I am sure its great you caught hold of them now.

Thanks for the nice comment!

For the most part, investing tends to be a "zero-sum game," meaning that when you buy an investment at, let's say $100, someone is selling that investment at $100. In cryptos, we have this new thing called "airdrops," but the vast majority of those seem to serve little more purpose than to generate publicity, and then everyone treats whatever they got as "free money" which then drives the the price down.

You look at something like Steem and the price is terminally under pressure because the vast majority of people here see only a chance to "make some cash," not a chance to hold an asset in the long run. In its original configuration, Steem had a much more long term vision; once you powered up it took TWO YEARS to power back down... which created a lot of solid long term investment. When they change the power-down period to 13 weeks, it was — in some ways — "the beginning of the end."

That said, I am still hopeful for the future of this place... MOSTLY because the underlying premise — building social communities on the blockchain — remains sound and relevant. AND, we happen to be doing that on one of the fastest and least expensive blockchains in existence. The markets may be fickle, but the fundamentals remain in place.


I am not a Steem fan...but reading and finding so many of you doing their bit supporting Steem is inspiring. This makes me come back and support Steem by reading posts, and liking good and interesting content. Let's see, I too will be active here once a while posting good content and reading and commenting as well. It would be great if Steem does great in the space it is designed for, for blockchain's sake.


Thanks @shortshots!

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