My Personal 2020 Steem Proposals

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Yesterday a very good friend of mine asked me the following question:

''If you had to define 2019 with a single word, which would you choose?''

And without much doubt, 2 words came to my mind with a equal weight to define the already passed year 2019:

''Change & Intensity''

And sure. This 2 words apply in a higher degree to my 'offchain' life; but still

Nevertheless, 2019 has been also the year when I became a true steem believer. And these are not only words!

I've started with a shy goal of reaching 1000 SP and ended the year with ~10.000 SP figures without counting my SE holdings. I'm sure that my investment will pay off big time in the next 2-3 years (and not only in price terms!).

And these terms, as I refer to them, are the different fields of personal improvement where I will be focusing next year (Onchain).

Keyword: ''Progress''

1)'Own Project'

With the (Steem) Power, comes the responsability. And this is no exception there. I want to keep posting, curating & engaging in 2020.

But I also want to involve as many as possible and onboard new users.


Recently I discovered the Engrave app which is a interface which allows steem users to have a blog (a old school wordpress, as I see it) with all the rich features that our beloved chain has to offer.

I would like to invest time into quality articles in my native language (spanish), as I think that the hispanic community is lagging hardly compared with the english one.

It could also be a good opportunity to put in practice some skills acquired in a little course about marketing which I did a year ago.

2) The SteemLeo Community

For me the gamechanger of 2019 in steem has been the tribes and Steem-Engine (without forgetting about Splinterlands, but personally I'm not using it that much).


Concretely; SteemLEO. Only seeing the initial supply & distribution and the inbuilt scarcity of the token knew that I wanted to be in.

The good management and the wise community only increased my FOMO to be in and can't resist the temptation to start purchasing tokens.

Right now, I stand with the non-negligible amount of 15.000 LEO staked and curating content nonstop (focused into syndication, some stablished authors & diehard holders, planning to start with 'content discovery' soon.)

Can't wait for the upcoming leoshop, the following burns, and the performance of the leodex. Surely SteemLeo will bring us a lot of rejoyce in 2020. But hey! We can't sleep neither!

3) Smart Media Tokens & Communities

Already in Beta, every Steem user should be expecting both of these releases coming to mainnet in Q1 2020.

Maybe it isn' seem like a big deal, but for those of us who were waiting since late 2017, the wait feels like am etternity.


I guess that SMT can represent a huge boost to Steem adoption (similar to SE, but with a higher component of decentralization).

I wish to see them in action ASAP! Hopefully all the wait will be worth the time.

And who knows... maybe once SMT & Communities are ALIVE, the true opportunity to fix this blockchain (regarding content) will be ahead of us.

Don't want to claim any 'proposal' regarding SMT for 2020 yet... but If 2019 has been great in terms of development and sustainability for the ecosystem, I'm almost sure that 2020 will be great in terms of 'progressing' (and not only 'surviving' like in the end of 2018).

You can follow me on Twitter.


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