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New Game Launch in 19 Hours: Get In Early - Ponzi Style Win

in steemleo •  6 months ago 

I'd like to offer another perspective, if you don't mind. Firstly, I agree with your concern, it could very well be a ponzi, and the well could run dry. However, what makes this investment game different from, say, those that I have seen in the part that offered DOGE or LTC or BTC, is that this is a DPoS coin, which means that the incoming coins can be staked. This would create the possibility to not be solely dependent on new players for funds. Also, TronHives at the moment has about 1.7 brillion TRX that has come into the game, with 776 million TRX that has gone out in rewards. The 1 billion TRX difference can easily be invested in other projects that earn more rewards, allowing the game to stay above water. Now, whether or not the developers use this strategy, I don't know, but if applied in the way that I have described, STEEM could use this model to create a fun and successful investment game, using the formulas from TronHives. I'm not good at coding on the blockchain, otherwise I would definitely give it a try. I'm copying the model and saving it, in case the sight goes down. I believe, however, that if they are wise, they could continue to be profitable, and outlast the other TRX games.

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