To buy or not to buy? Crypto on my mind!

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Just remembering the song with lyrics “money on my mind... money on my mind...”

Well in this case it is “crypto on my mind” :))

Being in two minds about buying crypto or not. And if I do, buy steem or btc...


It feels like btc is preping for big movements. Whether it’s up or down, most of the time any movement of btc has negative impact on alts. Especially to ALT/STEEM pairs.

On the other hand, STEEM has strong movements too. Still, I think the BTC wave can have a negative impact on the rise of steem. Hope BTC stabilizes a bit so that alts can continue their increase.

I’ll wait and watch a bit more before deciding whether or not to buy more...

Good luck to you all!

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buy big at 0.0001675, set sell 1/2 at 0.000038, let the rest run

I had set a buy order at 1650, but removed because btc got above 9k. If btc shoots up, tge pair steem/btc is going to be under pressure. Do you expect steem to hit 3800 soon?

I feel like BTC under $10,000 is a good buy regardless but I do think it will go lower in the short term. Always a tough bet to wait for the bottom.

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Yep, it is tough indeed.
Btc under 10k is a good buy if you stay at btc. But if you buy any other alt with that, it is very dependent on the btc behavior still unfortunately.

That's the key @lion200, resisting the urge to buy alts with that BTC. :/

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Steem can give you more profits in short term if you only one to trade it. Remember what happened yesterday :-)

Yeah but btc movements worries me. Just when you think you found some kind of a pattern or a good opportunity, btc goes up or down all of a sudden ruining all your strategies :)

That's why I only "play" with BTC nowadays

Are you trading between BTC and USDT? Or another pair?

BTC/USDT , unfortunately... I don't like TETHER so much

At least more stable than BTC/STEEM 🤣