Buy Steempower With Credit Card Now "Live"

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Thanks everyone who tested in our lasts few posts! We are finally happy to be open for business! We will be throwing in an extra 25 SP! per order.

We are now into our "live" launch phase where you can now purchase Steem Power (SP) w/ credit card. We'll be working on next for Steemians who want to lease their SP for fiat rewards back to them.

Go to MrSteemPower website which will enable people to buy Steem Power w/ a credit card.

We plan on writing out our next post around a roadmap for the year and introducing many interesting things involving SMTs.

Here are the advantages with buying SP w/ Credit Card:

  • No need to buy Steem/Bitcoin or crypto to Buy SP

  • All unused delegation gets pointed at our customer base

  • Future Delegation to Fiat program - you’ll receive fiat in return for delegating to our customers ( coming soon )

Fill in with your credit card like the example below:


You should get this success message if it went through!


Make sure to put your SteemIt ID so we know who and where to send the SP to. More features coming over the next few weeks.

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So this is buying delegation rather than actual Steem? Perhaps specify this along with some examples.

Edit: I also get a security warning when I try to access your site.

Hey @tubcat the www. we thought was resolved but can use this to access it for right now.

So this is buying delegation rather than actual Steem? Perhaps specify this along with some examples.

Correct. This is the fiat version of Minnowbooster . Instead of trading Steem/BTC or any other crypto for SP delegation , you are doing it for fiat/credit card for SP delegation. We'll fix the .www.

When do you expect to be able to pay delegators Fiat?

First quarter of this year. Don't have a specific target date just yet , but depends mostly on demand of Fiat to SP.

For sure. Will keep an eye out.

Male sure to add a roi on delegation to fiat returns.

Thanks for the suggestion mentalhealthguru.

Are you a dev. Where can I find a dev to integrate some steem onto a site that I have...

Hi @sidsun we might be able to help. We are going to start reaching out to steem game dev and projects to partner up to so their end users can get SP quickly.

Cool. How do I reach you? Is it better to wait for SMT or can we do it before? Just want tokens integrated to a wordpress site and it should talk to steem - keychain. Readers engage with our content and get rewarded in our tokens. We airdrop advertising value so that there's always going to be some value to our tokens...

You will need at least a terms of service section and possibly a whitepaper for more credibility. Your site and terms are a bit vague.

Yes, that will be in the next update. A whitepaper could be done also.

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