Buy Steempower With Credit Card Test - EARN 25 SP FREE!

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We didn't get to many testers in our last post.

We re-designed it from our previous post here thank you for the great feedback.

Feel free to go to MrSteemPower which will enable people to buy Steem Power w/ a credit card when we go "Live" by the end of the year.

Here are the advantages with buying SP w/ Credit Card:

  • No need to buy Steem/Bitcoin or crypto to Buy SP

  • All unused delegation gets pointed at our customer base

  • Future Delegation to Fiat program - you’ll receive fiat in return for delegating to our customers ( coming soon )

In order to test this out we’ll be giving out 25 SP to 10 testers who go ahead and fill out the form.

It is all in “test mode” and not “live”. We'll be "live" in a week or so.

Pick what amount you want and enter in your SteemIt ID below:


Use the following credit card to test:

Put in the Card #: 4242424242424242 and use whatever information you want for the rest.


You should get this success message if it went through!


Make sure to put your SteemIt ID so we know who to send the 25 SP to. It is good for one month and will be sent 24 hours from this post. Any questions just ask below. Thanks!

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Will try this soon.

Emailed 👌

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Let us know if it works. Thanks!
Steem2email seems cool btw.


Perfect saw it come through! Thanks for testing it. Expect it pointed in 12 hours.
We'll eventually make it instantly.

Worked great, very easy! @ironshield

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Thanks, @ironshield it worked on this side!

The Steemit ID is a number, right? Not the username?

Good clarification. Should be you steemit username in this case

We updated the field to be more clear. Thanks for mentioning it.

No problem, thanks!

It works perfect, tested

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Thanks for testing @exe8422 takes like 12-24 hours for the free 25 SP to be pointed to your account.

I received nothing yet :/

Yes, we just saw a glitch and fixing it thanks for letting us know!


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Thanks @zainnyferdhoy for the tip.

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Thanks @dirapa for the tip.

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