Learn to adapt to Climate Change or die

in steemleo •  4 months ago 

Look, we can debate Climate Change forever.

When the climate changes you adapt or die.

When the water is rising you move up the hill.

When the summers are too hot you move North.

When the winters are too cold you move South.

What can you do to stop polluting the Earth ?

Stop polluting the earth.

Learn how to walk and ride a bike. Take a bus. Stop flying everywhere.

If humans were really causing Climate Change and are worried about it they would stop flying and driving.

The biggest Climate Change advocates seem to fly and drive everywhere.

Please stop.

The end.


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the problem is the child rapists protected by AG barr... if they can rape children on private resorts, what do you think they do to the rest of the world?

you see, that's the problem of most of this crowd, they don't see the big frame.

at least you see that they are a bunch of fucking hypocrites. they have really adopted the aristocratic model, they are worth it, at least they believe.

These billionaires are killing the planet with all their flights and asking us to eat grass to save the fking planet.

and in their flights, they rape our daughters protected by "us"... this is the most pathetic decadence of the west...

myself I have lost all respect for ALL american elites, sports, business, all, for me they are all childrapists or protectors...

I want them dead.

When the 99% finally clue in that the 1% are killing the planet and buying carbon offsets there will be no food to eat. There will be a great gnashing of teeth.

who cares, as long PLA does what's necessary, it will be fine :).