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Ben Hunt of essentially thinks that the mountain of debt we’re buried under has killed off any chance of fiscal or monetary sanity and that both the left and right will kick the can down the road by embracing the drivel of Modern Monetary Theory, albeit by calling it something else.

I think he might be right. We’re now several months into a QE4 that Fed Chair Powell has repeatedly insisted is not QE4.

“Well, who ya gonna believe, me or your own eyes?”
~ Chicolini, in Duck Soup


Disclaimer: This should not be construed as financial advice. I am not a registered financial advisor; I don’t even play one on TV. Do your own due diligence. Batteries not included. Objects may be larger than they appear in mirror. Some assembly required. Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.

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It is that way in the UK too. The choices put up are really no choice.

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MMT doesn't worry the rich elites: their income comes from capital and will keep pace with inflation. It's the middle-class who'll see their savings inflated away and their income disparity inflated away.

Inflation benefits the rich enormously. In fact, its the number one reason for why the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. I will be creating an in depth series on this subject.

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Yes, we've had some UK spending programmes like that.
In my field, it was the investment readiness something or other, otherwise known as the Money for Jam Fund. The major beneficiaries were the consultants providing the investment readiness advice, not the charities they were supposed to be advising. Why not just create a direct income stream for them and not take up the time and resources (essentially asset stripping) of the organisations that are around to assist the people failed by society.

More like QE4Ever. Most dont even realize this matters not. Governments can not print food. No one will escape food inflation that has started, but will be mainstream in 12 months.


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Big fan of Ben Hunt. Scary stuff.

Dear @preparedwombat

It sucks big time when voters final conclusion is that: whoever win we're screwed.

Unfortunatelly entering QE4 territory (either you like to call it that way or not) is a one way ticket :/