Bitcoin's Out Performance This Decade Should Make Everyone Feel A Lot Better

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Another decade is about to be gone and when you look at what investment was the best place for your money, bitcoin is hands down the winner.

It's funny because most crypto investors don't feel very jovial with BTC still being down immensely from the all time highs set nearly two years ago.

Bitcoin Kicked Some Ass....

Looking at the stat line posted by decryptmedia on twitter we can see bitcoin is hands down the big winner since 2010 with etheruem being second.

Pretty sick returns for a ten year span, eh?

Traditional Winner

If we won't to talk more "traditional" investments NetFlix was a big winner, but what is interesting is they are also a market busting trend changing tech. They changed the way people consume TV. Not as ground breaking as what blockchain technology is doing but clearly we see a theme on big winners.

Looking forward to another decade of crypto changing the way we live and becoming more commonplace.

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Honestly, on that list, I'm most surprised by Dominos Pizza. 🤣Would've never guessed since I don't know anyone who likes it and remember it being one of the worst.

Posted via Steemleo | A Decentralized Community for Investors

As long-term investments, I believe that cryptocurrencies earned a lot, from the initial prices to the current prices I see that despite the fall from the historical maximum, their prices are by far incredibly higher than a decade ago.

Exactly, prices are up huge over the long-term.

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The interesting things about cryptos is that once adoption happens, all of our gains are realized. We won't just have money on paper, we will have money.

and real adoption is just starting.