Have You Seen The U.S. Stock Market? And They Say Bitcoin Is a Bubble!

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The saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words......

Well How About This Picture


That is a chart of the S&P 500 on a monthly time frame.

Look at the trajectory from late 70's into the mid 90's.

Then the internet bubble comes, pop! Then the real estate bubble comes, pop!

Both of those look like child's play on the chart compared to the move of the past 10 years!

Yes, I know btc is up way more on a percentage basis. However, the chart actually looks much better and digested than the U.S. Market.

Something has got to give. It likely won't until the winter of 2020, gotta keep the markets high for election time!

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Wow on a monthly too!

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Yup, pretty crazy.

An overbought market, can get more overbought....have to buy on pull backs...at least up to election time.

Exactly! The Market Can Stay Irrational Longer Than You Can Stay Solvent!

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whats amazing is that they've been able to keep this game of Jenga going for so long. It's almost like they're cheating (wink wink) and grabbing pieces from another Jenga set and placing them on top of the current stack.

The U.S. treasury and FED is basically the world's biggest ponzi scheme ;-)

They are going to pump the shit out of the stock market... I can see another 25% Gainz toward the election... the biggest crash is coming in 2021 😭😂

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Yep, it's getting juiced good till then!

I know what you mean but many factors are involved. The devalue of the dollar and global competition is pushing economies forward. I would not be surprise that this all comes crashing when a china and us trade deal gets approved. Then again the FED and other central banks can creating trillions of dollars to prop the system.

Yes, it is a race to zero interest rates around the world. With many countries already being there. As for the trade deal, you make a good point because in my 20 years of investing the mantra "buy the rumor, sell the news" has held true often. A deal getting done may lead to a hard sell off after the initial pop higher.