Donald Trump Desperate To Prop The Stock Market Up for 2020

in steemleo •  6 months ago 

I wasn't planning on making this video, but it's getting too ridiculous.

Let me know in the comments down below what you think of all of this. I'm not saying I'm the most knowledgeable person on this but some of these contradictions are so obvious. This is not financial advice do your own research as always.

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Could be possible @schubes, but also could be very possible that everyone not wanting him in the White House is desperate to make it look like the markets are tanking to remove him. Was done before, I was just barely old enough to remember George Bush Sr with Dan Rather's Nightly segment leading up to the election in 1992, "Recession in America," then to find that a few months after Clinton was inaugurated the recession wasn't nearly as bad as it was pegged and there was a lot of controversy whether there even was one in the first place. What a race it's going to be for those that want to keep this economy going the way it is and will do anything, and for those that want central power out of the hands of the person currently occupying it. Me personally I don't think any level of eloquence is worth giving up the gains the world is seeing in this economy but of course that's my opinion, I am not one for paying a four year speaking engagement that's empty in substance, going to cost the country hundreds of billions of dollars in development so I can point to the gal or guy that is president and feel good every time they talk. Give me the guy with twitter tourette's over an empty vessel hungry for centralized power. Interesting times we live in that is for sure.

well it cetainly says a lot if people are that desperate to remove them that they would tank the economy. doesnt that tell you something about the level that people really do NOT want him in office? and if the other side doesnt want the apposition, isnt it time to start voting "none of the above" or a person who isnt aligned to either party?

Oh if only we can ever have that choice, none of the above. I am certain the people that are pulling hamstrings at showing how a global depression is imminent did not at all get offended when Rush Limbaugh said he wanted President Obama to fail. And of course none of the same people that act like Fops at the Medieval Theatre now that there is someone else with a different little letter next to their name in the oval office saying ghastly things and using Twitter, like a commoner and not directly using their truth laundering monopoly. The funny thing to me is that he is closer politically to John F. Kennedy than likely anyone since and he is being portrayed as the devil incarnate as he is going to run the country into the apocalypse. He's a moderate liberal with a splash of some conservative ideas and wildcard in many other things, and yet that's not radical enough, not progressive enough, we all are going to world war III if we don't do exactly what the enemies of the state want. Comical, the hypocrisy. Those of you that disagree best of luck to you with the field that is on the cashing in stage (whoops not supposed to call running for president that even though we've had like 45 candidates run in the past 8 years). Pretty soon we can have a constitutional amendment and have the elections held in march, so we can have another field of 64 dismantle each other on a national stage pretending that the games they are play are for the betterment of institutions and not completely corrupted by central authorities that can't even pay the minimum wage they all claim to be for.

I don't think Trump is much of an outsider anymore. There are many reasons a recession may come and I don't think the Trump opposition has that much control over the market.

Right on. That and we can't have a bull market forever, lol. At some point there has to be some kind of pull back.

Personally, Trump and his family will do wonderfully well as the middle class gets walloped.

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