Looking to pick up a couple Steem via Venmo!

in steemleo •  5 months ago 

As some of you know in the past months I've been working hard to get my account up to 1000 Steem!

As you can see I'm getting very close, but with author/curation rewards it is still going to take me a while! So I'd like to speed up the process by buying the last 70 Steem off somebody. There's something cool about breaking the 1000 SP mark. This would be my first time buying Steem. The rest of the process has all been natural growth. Venmo would be the way I'm looking to pick it up so if anyone is looking to sell a couple Steem off (any amount above 10) I'd be willing to take it off your hands. You can contact me via Discord Schubes#1538 or drop a comment here.

I'm going to ask that you send the Steem first as I think I have a lot of people who would hold me accountable and have a good rep in the community.

Drop a comment below on your journey to 1000 SP and I'll be dropping some upvotes!



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Hi, @schubes!

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