Quick Update: Refresh Your Browser Cache for SteemLeo.com

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Hey everyone!

You may have heard that we moved https://steemleo.com to a new server. It's much faster than the default server that we were running on and it's going to give us a better foundation moving forward as we look to add new features to the site and onboard a lot more users.

Since moving to the new server, we have noticed an issue for some regular users of the SteemLeo interface.

You may get a message like this when returning to the site:

This appears to be an issue with your browser saving the old version of the site. All you have to do is clear your browser cache for SteemLeo and you should be good to go.

If this doesn't work for you and you continue to have any issues, leave a comment below or hit us up on [Discord(https://discord.gg/KgcVDKQ) and we'll help you sort it out.

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Hi, was about to report this but you guys spotted it earlier :)

Anyway, I think this is an issue with your SSL certificate and clearing cache may not fully resolve it. Your cert is only meant for "steemleo.com" while some of the users (including me) probably bookmarked the site as "www.steemleo.com". As a result, when we access "www.steemleo.com" we will hit the cert error. You might want to check with your certificate vendor on how to resolve this. Typically, the "www" subdomain should be included as a SAN (subject alternative name) which will prevent this altogether.

Previously, the SSL was only for steemleo.com as well, it was just www was being redirected to steemleo.com.

I see. Thanks for the explanation!

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Ah okay. Very good. I was having that problem. Thanks for the update.

Is steem keychain not working for anyone else on steemleo.com?

Works fine here.

You're right. It's working.

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