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Sometimes the price of something is too good to pass on. With the view that I have of Steemleo, this is a no brainer.

Earlier today, I noticed the buy price got down to 10 and change on the LeoDex. This motivated me to put in a buy.

Here is what the LeoDex looks like at the moment.


Compared to where I think this project is going, I think this is a steal. Sure, it is easy to make projections but I have been paying close attention to LEO. This is one that could really shine.

So what gives me that viewpoint?

There is one thing that I really feel works to the advantage of everyone holding the LEO token.


We see that, at the present moment, there are under 4 million LEO tokens available. This is out of the 5.5 million issued. Since there is such an aggressive burn, we are seeing the number outstanding actually decrease as time passes.

What I look at is the potential with, say, 10 million LEO tokens out there. Obviously, that is 2.5 times the present amount that people are holding. With an inflation rate that is not that high, it will take some time to get there.

LEO, priced at $1 would mean that the entire value of the platform is worth $10 million (presuming the 10M tokens issued). Consider how ridiculously low that is.

Steemleo originated as an alternative to SeekingAlpha. This is a site that lets people post their views while rewarding them. Like much of the internet, this is based upon clicks with, not surprisingly, the lion's share going to the company. The authors get very little for their efforts. Of course, this is a means to an end since the idea is to gain a following and sell them other products or services.

This brings up the question of how much is SeekingAlpha worth?

I did a quick check of web estimators and came up with this.


This site values SeekingAlpha at just shy of $100 million. While we might not put much stock in that, it does tell how much value there is. Even if they are off by a factor of 10 (on the high side), we still see a $10 million website.

Of course, Steemleo is more than just a website. It is a platform which offers a content/reward system based upon upvotes instead of clicks. There is also a marketplace where products and services can be offered out. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we see an exchange where trading can take place.

All of this is part of the platform. Naturally, we might be remiss by not mentioning the fact that the entire platform is tokenized, shifting everyone who posts or comments into a prosumer. The prospects for growth are much greater when you consider there might be use cases for the token that are not even thought about yet. One of the great aspects to this is that anyone can develop something that utilizes the token.

Some might think this analysis is a bit far-fetched. That is okay. It is often hard to see the potential of startups early in the game. That is, however, where the big payoffs tend to emerge from.

In this situation, I use the $1 level as a barometer of where I believe the LEO token can get to. We all know the insanity of looking for a 1000x gainer. Fortunately, this outcome requires less than 50x growth. The price of LEO right now is roughly 2.25 cents.

Therefore, I do not think it to crazy to envision the LEO being worth a dollar. There is enough potential that this could actually be a low estimate.

As usual, this is not financial advice.

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Very insightful and realistic projections based on use cases and comparison to SA. I think the fact that every week the bulk of tokens are getting staked tells me the endless potential of Steemleo. And the kicker is Steemleo is still unknown to the universe, so imagine when just a fraction 0.01% of the world knows about Steeemleo.

Posted via Steemleo

Exactly. That is the ratio I weighed.

The fact that few people know about it coupled with the addition of more features as time goes by, thus enhancing user experience AND potential to get rewarded. This later is a big piece of the puzzle that needs to be shared.

Ultimately, I feel Steemleo is going to be one of the top platforms on Steem. Right now the focus is upon building a foundation which is vital. From there, the numbers can join us.

Posted via Steemleo

For the price to rise people would have to buy.

A lot of people are very skeptical about SteemLeo due to SMT "competition". Once people realize there is no competition (only communities/networks) maybe they'll see that Steemleo is a pretty good one. I think some people expect that once SMTs launch something superior to Steemleo will magically come out on the same day. Oh how impatient we all are.

If SMTs are proved to be superior technology, @steem.leo can always switch to SMT. Just switch your SE token for SMTs with 1:1 airdrop. A simple way to integrate SMT is to make SMT-peg LEO. Then the advantage would be the listing LEO-SMT in external exchanges where Steem is already traded. SMT will provide another option and @steem.leo is already ahead of the learning curve.

Posted via Steemleo

Haha it’s funny that people think that. Steemleo will likely be one of the first SMTs created. Provided that SMTs are what we expect them to be.

We’ll likely do the reverse — keep SE as a pegged LEO token and then move primary operations to an SMT.

Posted via Steemleo

The benefit of being flexible. Go onto whatever platform best serves the needs of the community.

Nothing says that Steemleo cannot enjoy the best of both worlds. More options is a good thing.

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You know as well as I do people do not understand development. They expect DApps to rival their traditional counterparts that were out for over 10 years and are on V.20.

A lot of people are very skeptical about SteemLeo due to SMT "competition".

The old mindset I have been mentioning. People cannot realize that crypto-economics is an entirely new ball game. The old rules do not apply.

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This prediction, I see it come true soon. I never thought that Steem.leo would become a lead tribe of steem. But it now turns out to be so. I see the #steemleo community being at the fore of SMTs. I wish I didn't ack off from my earlier journey with the tribe.

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This was great information. Thanks

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