Continuous Compounding

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1st of November, #SPUD7 day for many of us.

A good moment for powering up more STEEM and keeps growing in order to increase the future wealth. Below an example "stoleN from internet for the effect I am searching for:


Compounding is really powerful especially if you do it regularly.

Putting your investment to work and reinvesting most of it will really make a difference in the near future.

In my case, I am combining 3 actions or Income sources for my Power Up.

  • Last earned STEEM by posting: 170.857 STEEM

  • STEEM Monthly Buy at BITVAVO: 393 STEEM purchased using the very same amount of EURO, as a self-gift


  • Earned STEEM by trading tokens at STEEM-ENGINE: 30 STEEM in total


All in all, 593.857 STEEM fully powered up:

As a result of that I get an increase of 7.41% on my STEEM POWER.

I still do not understand those who continue to sell at this time despite I feel grateful I can still buy 400 esteem for just a little more than 50 euros...

But don't worry, keep selling those fresh STEEM now, I promise I will return to them that amount of STEEM once I finished maximizing my account and STEEM takes off to 20 times its current value, at least!

Happy #SPUD7 DAY!!!


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Without sellers there wouldn't be any buyers 😀

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Nice results. Are these just for the month or since last SPUD? Compounding is great and easy to see here when your keeping track. I know from doing the same myself every month and watching the numbers grow.

no, the total SP increase this last months has been of 660 SP

How do you trade tokens on Steem engine for Steem?

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Using the withdrawal option?

But before how do you trade some token for Steem?
You exchamge them for Steem and then withdraw?

You can trade any of those tokens by STEEMP (STEEM PEGGED) , then you withdraw STEEMP to STEEM in your wallet

Hi @toofasteddie,
I think it's a good time to buy Steem! I bought 1500Steem to power up because I think the price of Steem is very low. I also don't understand how people can sell Steem so cheap!

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Happy spud7 !!

Thanks for posting from!

We have something for you that should push the numbers in an even more positive direction! 🦁

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