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I could expect this last price rise we saw yesterday, for Steem. As you can check by yourself, altcoins like Enjin and Steem performed quite differently during the last bear market. We were seeing Enjin pumping 200% in 2 days, and then exploding 600% in a week, during last March. I was lucky to get 0.5 btc from only 300$ initial investment, which was quite impressive.

Keep in mind Steem is not much different, as now we are living a different time in the crypto sphere after seeing btc at 21k. Now each coin/token has it's own life and variations, they are not that much attached to btc price like before. If were you, I would consider saving some Steem for next months. I believe SMT will be a big game changer.

See you next time, fellow Steemian!

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