GF Cards from the Winds of Change collection (Orbs) now in the lease market!

in steemmonsters •  8 months ago  (edited)

lease gold foil promo header.png

I put these Gold Foil promo cards from the Orb packs in the lease market

The last time I made a post with the cards I put on the market as rentals, the first cards got leased pretty quickly. I have been wanting to put more on there, but I got busy and forgot it. Until now. These are the newest editions on the lease market when you go to Peakmonsters, select promo cards, and then gold as well to find them.

GF Silvershield Bard level 4.png

Silvershield Bard level 4 With the Cleanse ability.

GF Goblin chef level 4 + 5.png

Goblin Chef level 4 and 5 with Affliction ability.

GF Electric Eels level 3 + 4.png

Electric Eels Level 3 and 4 with Reach ability.

GF Enchanted Defender level 6.png

Enchanted Defender level 6 with Thorns ability.

I will be putting regular promo cards in there as well in the next days, and update with another post. As the new season will be starting in a few days, some older leases will probably end soon. Make sure you won't miss out on them for next season if you are missing them in your collection!


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