Casual Steemmonsters Player's Seasonal Report, January 15th 2020 - The Kraken

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Another Splinterlands season is history and I was able to finish it in the Gold I league which is great.

That means I will receive 30 reward cards.

Opening the chest


  • 6 rares
  • 2 epic
  • 1 legendary
  • 2 gold
  • 1 Sea Monster
  • 1 Manticore
  • 6 Ooze

And this guy:

The Kraken

High mana, mighty powers. We will see how this card will be useful in high mana games.


Goblin Mech is at level 7.


I currently own 193 cards. In the next days, when I find the time, I will selectively sell some of them and use the income to reinvest into some cards. Like ...

Next steps

I will really have to start investing in my summoners. Some cards have overgrown them and can't be used to their full potential.

Better and better

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Upgrading those summoners is always a pain in the ass! Maybe it is a better idea to try to purchase some untamed summoners. There are cheaper than the Beta ones.



I'll make research on Water Splinter which way is better / cheaper.

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