Guilds: Well that escalated quickly!

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Wow! Well, it looks like you all like guilds too. Seems like a grand slam for the very first launch!

Stats- People

The following stats are from :

We hit a new all time high for number of players: 2319 yesterday. The season ended today, so that number is likely to be higher when the stats come out tomorrow.

Stats- Games Played

You can see a very healthy number of games played. The timing of it all is a little awkward as the season end falls on a half day for the server. We'll see how tomorrow looks, but it appears likely to hit or come close to another all time high for the current game model.


There were a total of 5.32M DEC that were liberated from their cards! You can see the destruction of 3,000 cards on this chart, but just in the last two days we're up to 9,348 cards burnt!!!

Sales volume

Sales volume for the month is up! We're doing 277K Steem with one more day to go vs last month at 178k Steem. The value of Steem has gone down this month. It's double edged as people seem a little less likely to spend it when it's low, but also when they do spend it more has to be transferred to reach the same value. Either way it looks pretty healthy given the state of Steem price.

What happened to all that DEC?

It's sitting in Guilds! 44 guilds were created. 590 accounts are in guilds. Guild Halls have absored 6.99M DEC!!!

Smashing Success!!

This data doesn't even quite encapsulate the last dash before the season ends. Overall, the data looks great and we're seeing more games, players, and interaction than ever before.

Thanks to the players, hodlers, business folks, affiliates, and friends for making this an extremely successful kick off for Guilds!

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Guild Halls have absored 6.99M DEC!!!

That's enough DEC to buy ~3,075 orbs of the remaining 151,813. Assumes 2273 DEC per orb.

Jeez do I love orbs!

Do you sell the steem you get on exchanges? Cause that adds a lot of selling pressure, pushing the price down further

It was also the end of the season, where people are getting more active with their alt-accounts. Personally, I joined a guild, but I still need to learn about this new feature.

We hit a new all time high for number of players: 2319 yesterday.

Another day, another record - 2370 ;)

We love us some stats!!
Hope we can assist people burning lots more cards

We love us some stats!!
Hope we can assist people
Burning lots more cards

                 - peakmonsters

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Awesome stuff guys :) Now, more buildings please so I can burn those DECs ;)
DEC mine maybe? Or Mercenary Barracks where I can send my cards (as NPCs) for loot and they would come back after a week or so with some treasures (DEC/rewards cards/potions?)

That right there is pure genius

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Mercenary Barracks FTW!

Greetings, @steemmonsters

Very nice. thank you for share with us!!!

#palnet #battle #spt #steemleo #sct #steemace

greetings, @steemmonsters

Excelent the number of people that are playing this game!!!!!

#palnet #spt #battle #steemace #steemleo

YES!! Guilds has taken Splinterlands to a whole new level! Nice job!
Cerberus (854px, 23.976fps).gif

Exciting Stuff ....

Steem-Monsters to the moon :)

Guilds have been yet another great way to engage! It was interesting battling guildmates while trying to get our wins for the Daily Quests!

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What a brilliant addition the great game!
I just joined's Guild. I've been supporting this amazing community since the very start, got a lot of new friends along the way.
May this Guild feature bring more friendship and glory in near future.

The main thing is not to stop

Thanks for constant improvements to the game.

Congrats on Guilds guys, have fun! As always, great work from the Splinterlands Team!

Great stats!

I look forward to logging in tonight to see what my rewards look like.

Nice! Congrats on the successful launch of guilds! I'm looking forward to seeing further developments. You guys are doing a great job.

Loving the guilds already!

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Hi @arkmy!



  • 5.479 STEEM
  • 0.000 STEEM from Affiliate
  • 0.000 STEEM from tournament prizes
  • 3.523 SBD
  • 0.000 SBD from Affiliate


  • 5.414 STEEM
  • 0.000 STEEM for tournament entry fees
  • 26.363 SBD


  • 0.065 STEEM
  • -22.840 SBD

I have joined a guild and its great, but for some reason when I complete my daily quests it doesnt seem to register a scroll from me. This has happened twice now. I wasnt sure if the first time was because my quest was already half complete when I joined the guild but now it definitely seems like something fishy is going on! I have claimed my cards so thats not the problem and other people in my guild seem to be contributing scrolls fine. Has this happened to anybody else and can it be fixed?
Other than that, Im loving the updates! Keep rolling on Steemmonsters!

Awesome news! I am trying to build up some DEC to either start or join a Guild soon! Any suggestions on which is better?

@steemmonsters, Definitely these stats are record breaking and it happens when new developments and innovations happen on particular platform. Keep up the great work team.

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