1 OZ Canadian Silver Maple Leaf - 2018

in steemsilvergold •  3 months ago 

I just got this nice looking coin in the mail today and I thought I’d share it on here! I found an alright price on eBay and I thought I’d add it to my collection because I don’t have any and it’s an iconic coin.

I believe 2018 is the first year the Royal Canadian Mint applied their secret MintMark coating to the coin to help prevent milk spotting. Since milk spotting is a huge pet peeve of mine I thought it would be interesting to see how this coin fares over time with this new technology.

Let me know what you think of Canadian Maple Leaves!

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I love the maple leaves, but of course my first one is spotty AF. 🤣😂 Canadian Mint still has awesome designs though.

The new fields of the Maple Leaf make the coin much more beautiful! Thanks for sharing!