I Dropped by The LCS Today and Picked Up a One Ounce Hamilton Mint Silver Bar........Wonders of America 1973

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I Picked Up a Statue of Liberty Made Silver Bar Today Made by Hamilton Mint in 1973 for It's Wonders of America Set...........

This 1 Ounce Silver Bar Has a Mintage of 15,000 Pieces. What I Love About Buying Older Vintage Pieces is that They Are so Much more Scarce than Just Buying Generic Modern Silver Pieces and We Can Learn About History From Silver Bars Like This...........

As Some of you Stackers may Already Know My FAVORITE Silver Stacker and Best Friend @silversaver888 Loves Her Statue of Liberty Pieces........You Can Check out This Link Here to See What I Mean..............

Ms. Saver, as You Can see in Her Post From a Few Months Ago Has One of These Hamilton Mint SOL (Statue of Liberty) Silver Bars too..........

I Know She Likes The Vintage Stuff that Is Probably Why She keeps me Around, That was a JOKE, Please Laugh !

There You Have Another Day at The LCS (Local Coin Shoppe) and Another Scarce Ounce of Silver From The Past........

Have You Started Your Silver Stacking Adventures Yet ??? Let Us Know in The Comments Section and Tell Us How Much Fun You are Having Holding REAL MONEY in your Hands..........

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A beautiful addition to the stack !!!
I usually stack rounds, but with bars like this .....I’ll be looking for some of these!!!👍😊
Have a wonderful day my stacking friend !!!😊

I have to Admit although I like all the Silver These Bars are more my Favorite.....

Nice...very nice!!😀

Thanks for the mention and link to my article, @stokjockey! I appreciate it. The SOL is so iconic of America. Does it make sense? I stack ASE, US Constitutional SIlver, and for generics... it is SOLs and Eagles. Some may think that it boring stuff... but what can I say...coming from a long line of patriotic Americans who all served in the military, I am likewise a patriotic American who loves her country AMERICA!
Have a great evening, and take care.🥰🌺🤙

Ms. Saver You're BEAUTIFUL and All American and Such a Patriot. I Know you LOVE The USA and I Know You LOVE some that are Wretches too. You are So SWEET and Such an Inspiration to so Many Stackers that are HERE and Others that are Thinking about Coming to Steemsilvergold.........@silversaver888 I am So GRATEFUL that you are my BEST Friend !!

If you find a bar with Morticia Addams holding aloft the torch of liberty I'd be interested. 😉👍

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Now that is Funny @kerrislravenhill .........They have Lied to Us about a lot of History.....

Great looking bar Stok. And in premo condition

Top of The Mark !

It sure is. You can send that my way if you’d like...😃

A beautiful bar, not counting its historical valour.

Thank You for Stopping by @ronaldoavelino I appreciate your kind Comment and go USA !!!

It was pretty pictures on bullion that first got me into stacking. I enjoy seeing what other folks like. That is a nice bar for sure. I also enjoy looking at the style of print used in the marking of the mint, such as in this particular bar. Thank you for sharing!

Thank you for stopping by and I wish you the Best in your Stacking Adventure.......

Hamilton Mint is my fave. This is a snazzy little bar.

Yes, Hamilton Mint made some Great Silver Bars with Wonderful Subject matter @dfinney