I Took a Little Trip to The LCS (Local Coin Shoppe) Today, Just Want to Share a Silver Round that I Found........

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I Picked Up a Few Pieces at the LCS Today and I Want to Share One of Them With You Today.........

I Remember When I Was a Kid Growing Up and Seeing These Grown Men Driving Go Karts at 4th of July Parades and Wondering The Heck ??

So What I came to Realize is that these Guys Raise Money for Children's Hospitals..........

Shriners International, also commonly known as The Shriners or formerly known as the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine (AAONMS, anagram for A MASON), is a society established in 1870 and is headquartered in Tampa, Florida

Now I Do Not Want to Go into Masons and Secret Societies in This Post Today, but I do want to Show You The Silver Round That I Picked Up...........

It Has to do With The Shaddai Temple in Panama City, Florida. Remember Like I have told You in Past Posts that I have Done You Can Learn a Lot of History From Stacking Ounces of Silver........

I Have Not Seen Another Once of This Silver Piece Before so I Think it May Be Scarce. Let Me Know if you have any Knowledge On This Silver Round...........

Keep On Stacking Your Silver !!!

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What a great silver round find!!! And great job on that gif, @stokjockey! Impressive👍💪🏻. Have a wonderful evening, take care 🥰🌺🤙

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Thank You for being FIRST to Comment Ms. Saver and I hope that your having a wonderful Dinner this Evening and I look Forward to getting some Updates and Pictures of Your retreat......Have a Wonderful Evening my SWEET Friend !!! @silversaver888

The gif was making me dizzy Lol !!!..😳.. My Brother in Law was in the Shriner's they do good work!
Very unique Silver round, I have never seen one before....

I know I have not either until today.......

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You are correct, you do learn so much from Silver!!!
Enjoy the weekend @stokjockey!!😀

You too, Thank you @silvertop

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I was probably a fund raiser for the temple. I boufht a few similarly for a church abd a temple years baxk. I think borh of them were 2500 mintage. You could google tge place and see if its still around. If so i bet someone would know.

Thank you @silverd510. I think it is a pretty Scarce Piece

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Cool and unique round! Nice pickup

Thanks I like it

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