I Wanted to Show You Another Neat Piece of Silver I Got at The LCS (Local Coin Shoppe) Yesterday......DUNKOIN

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I got This Beautifully Toned Silver Round Yesterday as Part of a Number of Pieces that I bought at the LCS.........

Even Though I Lived in Southern California in Orange County in 1983 I do not Recall ever Going to a Physical Shoppe Location in La Habra, California where this Silver Round Advertises DUNKOIN..........
This Silver Round Has Great Colors on the Obverse from the Toning and Vintage Age of The Piece as You Can See......

Although I went to Google Images to See If I Could see a Picture of a Piece like Mine From the Same Year (1983) I did not see any Pictures so Maybe my Piece is pretty Scarce. If You have any Knowledge or Historical Information Concerning DUNKOIN in La Habra, California then Please let me know in the Comments on this Post...............

Here is That Beautiful Reverse of This Piece too..........

More Silver Pieces to Come in the Up Coming Week and Remember Each Sunday and Every Sunday on Steemit & Palnet is #PirateSunday..........

Arrrghh !!! So We will See You Tomorrow too Matey's !!!

Keep On Stacking Your Silver !!!

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That is a beautiful piece, @stokjockey! It is reminiscent of another piece that I have. If it is not taken yet and within my price points, kindly Hold it for me, will you? Thanks for showing us! 🥰🌺🤙

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Of course I will Ms. Saver ❤

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Really a beautiful.design but I am partial to early American coinage. Thanks for sharing!!

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Yes Classic Design of Early US coinage

Nice piece! I like the back side especially.😎