The Fifteenth Panel of The 50 States Hamilton Mint Silver Bars Set. States #29 and #30 Iowa and Wisconsin.......

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The Fifteenth Pair of States That Were Admitted Into the United States of America Were Iowa and Wisconsin........

Now Let's Take a Look at These 2 Beautiful Ounces of Silver That Are States Where We Have A Corn Farmer and Some Dairy Cows, I like Milk and Cheese.........

Iowa and Wisconsin............

Iowa The Twenty-Ninth State of The USA, Admitted December 28, 1846

Reverse of The Silver Bar, Capital-Des Moines

Wisconsin The Thirtieth State of The USA, Admitted May 29. 1848

Reverse of The Silver Bar, Capital-Madison

Be On the Look Out for States #31 and #32 Over The Coming Week.......

Thank You Again for Learning More About Silver and The USA........

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Those are sweet bars! I like the details and the history behind them. Thank you for sharing😎

They are nice thank you for taking a look.....

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That is really an awesome collection, @stokjockey!!!! Lucky you!

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California is Next and it's a miner Panning Ms. Saver.....

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I shall certainly look forward to that one!!!!

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I know you Will and I Miss You a lot Already ❤......

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The Hamilton mint creates beautiful art bars, I love the frosting!!💕😊

Yes they are Awesome...California coming up next !

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