The Nineteenth Panel of The 50 States Hamilton Mint Silver Bars Set. States #37 and #38 Nebraska and Colorado......

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The Nineteenth Panel of The 50 States Hamilton Mint Silver Bars Set. States #37 and #38 Nebraska and Colorado......

Here we Have Two Pieces of Silver Bars That Have Native Americans on the Nebraska Bar and a Bull Rider on The Colorado Silver Bar.......

Nebraska and Colorado........

Nebraska The 37th State of The USA, Admitted March 1, 1867

Reverse of The Silver Bar, Capitol-Lincoln

Colorado The 38th State of The USA, Admitted August 1, 1876, Colorado is known as the Centennial State because it won Statehood the same year the United States Celebrated its Centennial

Reverse of The Silver Bar, Capitol-Denver

Be On the Look Out for States #39 and #40 Over This Up Coming Week.......

I Hope You Enjoyed These Two Ounces of Silver States of The USA........

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I have been to Denver, Colorado for a week long conference and also stayed a couple of days in Breckenridge.. one of the best ski places I been to.
Thanks for sharing your beautiful collection, @stokjockey!
Sorry for being late visiting your blog. Have a wonderful day, and take care 🌺🥰🤙

I have Never been to Colorado Ms. Saver. I bet your conference was Beautiful. I have not gone Skiing ever but then again I never had a Desire to do so. I like to Visit the Snow but I am Grateful I don't have to Live in it......@silversaver888

I have a fondness for Colorado.....But both are gorgeous!!😀
This is going to be a very impressive set of Silver bars my friend!!🤗

Thanks for stopping by @silvertop and Yes it is a Great Set of Silver Bars.......

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