The Seventeenth Panel of The 50 States Hamilton Mint Silver Bars Set. States #33 and #34 Oregon and Kansas.......

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The Seventeenth Pair of States That Were Admitted Into the United States of America Were Oregon and Kansas........

Now Let's Take a Look at These 2 Beautiful Ounces of Silver That Are States Where We Have Some Timber and Some Sunflowers, Lumber to Build and Sunflowers for Seeds.............

Oregon and Kansas........

Oregon the 33rd State of The USA, Admitted February 14, 1859, Now That's Love

Reverse of The Silver Bar, Capitol-Salem

Kansas The 34th State of The USA, Admitted January 29, 1861

Reverse of The Silver Bar, Capitol-Topeka

Be On the Look Out for States #35 and #36 Over This Up Coming Week.......

I Hope You Enjoyed These Two Ounces of Silver States of The USA........

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I visited and stayed in a beautiful home of an Army Full-Bird Colonel at Fort Riley once, and attended a Change-in-Command ceremony. It was quite moving!
Beautiful bars, @stokjockey. You have an outstanding and pristine collection. Thanks for sharing! Have a fantastic evening, and take care. 🥰🌺🤙

Ms. Saver you always AMAZE Me Your Exciting Adventures. You Always Keep me Wanting to Know More and That Makes for So Much Fun in The Future. I am Grateful for All of the Sharing and Kind Words that you leave for me whenever I make a Post. I will do my Best to have a Nice Evening and I know You will do The Same.........@silver888

Well, let me share with towards the end of the ceremony, an entire cavalry of soldiers in horses galloping (at great speeds) across the field and several cannons being deployed... it is so very moving.
And the change of ceremony is done on horse back.

You expressed to me a few Times your Love for Horses Ms. Saver and I know that you have and Affection for all things Patriotic.................. @silversaver888

A very classy set of fifty bars you are building @stokjockey !!!!🤗

I appreciate That Comment @silvertop and I know that anyone Who has Silver going Forward Will be Quite Grateful they got involved in Stacking !!

Spot on!!!!!🤗

Ahh the Oregon bar! Where is @summertooth to ogle his home state bar?