Grabbed up another 100-ounces of silver at these low prices!

in steemsilvergold •  7 months ago 

I think the window is closing fast on the availability of cheap silver prices!

I can't believe all the crazy things going on in the world!

Are you guys seeing all this negative interest rate bullshit that is starting from all around the world, how can the sheeple not see where this is going? This means money is now worthless and the game is getting very close to over.

This is why stacking silver and gold is so important too many people, it can't be stolen from you without force and they can't just print it out of thin air!

Here are the 2019 Canadian Maples, I just unboxed these little guys and I think I will leave the seal on them. I'm pretty sure you all have seen these, so I will just let them rest in a safe place that is well protected.


I only hope I have time to get more before it goes higher, The bubble of all bubbles is going to pop in my opinion, I think it's time to top off your preps and start your gardens now so you can feed your family in case of the worst-case scenario!


Thank you for reading my blog and have a great day!

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Excellent idea! Silver and gold are the true way to keep our money.

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You know it, my friend, we gotta keep it up!

I love more Ounces and You are right add them ASAP because we are going to have One Hell of a Move. Great Job @tbnfl4sun .......!trdo

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We have the right idea, I know it!

👍. Smart move! Stack and stash it.

Thanks my stacker brotha, it's good to see you around here, strange times my friend!

That is a great add!!! I have been behind on my silver and gold for the year, and crypto too. Things this year have not aligned as well as in the past and a few unexpected expenses have taken all the fun money away.

I hope to get back in the swing in Q4, before the good prices are gone!

I know what you mean, it's hard to do the right thing and pay bills instead of stacking!

Right on the money and I agree that it is best to keep them sealed.

Right on the money
And I agree that it is
Best to keep them sealed.

                 - handofzara

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thanks, I will keep them that way, I hope I don't ever have to split them up!

Hell yeah! Awesome add to the stack. You can't go wrong with some .9999 from our neighbors to the North. I'm heading back to the LCS on Monday to see what they have left. Keep on Stackin!

You got it, I love the .9999, good luck at the LCS!

AWESOME... that's stacking right there, @tbsfl4sun!!!

Thanks, It adds up! my 1000 ounce goal is very close!

Your Silver Purchase will come in handy if you ever need "Sound Spending Power" in the Future...

August 25, 2019... 14.8 Hollywood Time...

It looks like that will be sooner, not later!

I'm very Excited about what's Heading our way...

Silver will Prove to be, One of our Best Choices...

I expect a Melt Value of $350 per Ounce of Silver...

August 26, 2019... 3.0 Hollywood Time...

Great stack to add to the collection! Need to get some more as well! I like your option!

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