📌 Duyunov’s technology and Hanergy Glory: changing the world together

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The year 2019 was a time for the Duyunov Engines project to reach a new international level of recognition. One indicator of this: Duyunov’s technology efficiency has been recognized by the world's largest clean energy industry corporation.

Hanergy Holding Group Ltd. - A company founded in 1994 in China, today having branches in all parts of the world. Her mission is to change the world with clean energy.
The main activities of the company cover hydro, wind and solar energy. Hanergy Glory is a world leader in the development and production of thin-film solar cells and vehicles with their use.

Thin-film technology allows you to develop the most flexible and lightest solar cells in various shapes and colors, which can also be used in low light. They are applicable in everyday life, agriculture, electronics, on unmanned aerial vehicles and, of course, on vehicles.

Over the past few years, Hanergy Glory has been developing vehicles with electric motors and solar panels. The company's motto - “Never Plug-in” - means that it is looking for sustainable solutions that will allow you to not charge the battery for as long as possible. Thanks to such transport, global tasks can be solved: save energy, improve air in large cities.

According to Dr. Lu Tao, Hanergy Glory CEO, “Never Plug-in” is only possible when the solar panels work in conjunction with high-performance engines.

The technology of electric motors with combined windings "Slavyanka" was the solution that was sought in the corporation. In 2019, Hanergy Glory began an active collaboration with ASPP Weihai, a licensee of Duyunov’s technology. The DA-100SL engine, upgraded by Slavyanka in ASPP Weihai, was installed on a golf cart. The updated Solar Golf Car showed a speed of 45 km / h instead of the 23 km / h declared as standard. And most importantly, the operating time without recharging was a record 79 days in conditions of daily driving of 20-25 km per day!

In the fall of 2019, Hanergy Glory and ASPP Weihai launched two more joint projects, which we reported earlier. One of them aims to create a solar tuk-tuk. As part of another, a traditional Thai boat with a diesel engine was modernized in the solar with an electric motor Duyunova and presented to the Prime Minister of Thailand.

Head of ASPP Weihai Viktor Arestov considers his company's cooperation with Hanergy Glory an indicator of recognition of technology at the highest level, including government.

The words of Arestov are also confirmed by Dr. Lu Tao. The head of Hanergy Glory personally attended the conference of the Duyunov Engines project in Vietnam, where he spoke about the goals and prospects of using the Slavyanka technology in his company's projects. Lu Tao emphasized that his company seeks to combine breakthrough technologies in order to realize a global mission and make the world greener and better. Pay attention to how close the mission of the Duyunov Engines project is to this goal!

For our project and SovElMash, all this is undoubtedly important, since it demonstrates the viability of Slavyanka to the whole world. Future partners of SovElMash see the results that are achieved through the use of motors upgraded by the technology of combined windings. Engines developed directly in the SovElMash innovation center will work even more efficiently! 💪🏻

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