Is Google censoring Steem Leo ?

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Recently my google chrome showed me a strange message about steemleo.

It still shwoing me that the website is not secure !

It's secure with all other browsers.

But I think that the team should do something about that.

I showed in the video what I mean.

Or maybe google is really censoring steemleo and it will censor more websites related to steem ?

The stange thing, that I opened the website with brave and it showed me the first time that's not secure, but now it's showing that's secure. I tried also with mazilla, opera and yandex browser ( the Russian one ) and it's secure in all of them.

But, google chrome still telling me that's not secure.

Of course I trust steemleo, and I allowed the website to open. But, I still worry about that, because when I invite people to steem, I would like them to not see that message, so they will not lose the trust in me and in steem.

Maybe the team should just change the hosting provider ? That's why I will tag @khaleelkazi and let the tribe know in their discord server.

Enjoy watching.

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I never use chrome or google but the whole rest of the world does and they can destroy any project while giving the appearance of being totally innocent

Yeah, maybe they are doing that by purpose, who knows. But, most people use chrome, that's why I think the website should work well with it to not confuse newcomers.

Just delete your cookies, I had the same thing and steemleo switched servers so you need to update your history and it will pop up as secure for you...
hope this helps
I think that google does not really know we exist. Steemleo is a bit to small to be on their radar (I think)

I found the solution. I've been told in discord to not use the website with www. But I prefer if the website works always well even with www. I think it's by default, any website is opened with www.

They should force the www (or no www) for canonical links and to avoid users getting that error if that’s the case. Simple fix in .htaccess file

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Believe me this thing is much bigger then you see all this.... yes they block the whole page not just one.... all steemit. And they also use facbook and twitter to do this too.
I was in twitter when I was see same thing on esteem twitter pages some month back.


All esteem works good and have no problems... but they make look it like it looks bad. I'm sure some weeks more and I see more this. Also you see more this.

Yeah, it seems we will have to fight that in the future if we plan to stay here.

I was start shere lot esteem posts in twitter also steem 👌

When in doubt check

— most of the time it’s as simple as a new image/logo using the http protocol, a common mistake when adding new features on websites. The site itself may be secure however elements on there may not be (yet).

Good call tho, it’s likely they will fix the issue soon enough— can’t imagine Google doing a manual action on Leo this early on.

Cheers bro !BEER

Thanks a lot. The website seems useful. I will consider to upvote well this comment after 3 days when I will have access to that. I will see if I will be able to upvote comments before that or not. It's my firt time doing so. The last time I thought they gonna give us that to distribute during the month and now I know it should be distributed in one day, so I will do my best to distribute all $43 that I will have. ☺

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Thanks dear @donald.porter. ☺