#9 | Is the Bitcoin Halving Bringing Us a Step Closer to Digital Gold?

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Coinbase put out an article a few days ago which outlined some of their reasoning for drawing a few comparisons between gold and Bitcoin.

As we approach the halvening, certain metrics such as the stock-to-flow model are starting to make BTC reflect a gold-like level of scarcity, especially in terms of newly minted Bitcoin.

In this episode, I review the article and cover the various talking points that Coinbase brings up.

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I think there is no doubt that something is going to replace gold. As we go deeper into the digital world, I do not see the long term potential of gold. Just like aluminum was once the money metal, we will see the same with gold.

The millennials already are not in favor of gold. They are a large group of people coming into a lot of money.

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I am not sure about them coming into a lot of money...

I have been watching the videos from realvision for a while now and Raoul Paul has a point on to why they probably will lose a lot of it soon

https://mbsy.co/realvision/50574327 have a look at the videos they share. Knowing you there is going to be a lot there that interests you (if you do not know them already)

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I agree. I'm not a massive fan of gold. I've got some as a hedge, but ultimately I see BTC serving that purpose in the future.

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Well when you look at the US market, real estate is overvalued, stocks are at an all-time high and venture capital is clearly overcapitalized as the search for yield continues. I think once they bubble up ETFs, commodities and precious metals the only other place to find value will be a cryptocurrency and developing markets.

Also once the baby boomers start to retire over the next few years those pension funds are going to be paying out and see their coffers obliterate, they're going to have to sell to the fed and the USDs inflation will go through the roof, or thats just what I've been looking at, could be my own biases but not impossible

What happened to the USDC?

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These are certainly interesting times. All of these macroeconomic factors seem to be lining up perfectly for crypto to make its entry as safe haven from traditional financial "bullshit" that these corporations and governments continue to deploy.

Yesterday I was talking with a friend that attended a speech with an economist that was spewing ideas about how the market isn't going to crash and we're just at the beginning stages of a long-term bull market... I laughed very loudly.

Over printing, over spending, repo activities and the like can only go on for so long.

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It’s the hot hand fallacy all over again they said the same thing in 2000 and in 08 and since they got off with bail outs they think they invincible and can keep doing it again

I’ve dealt with my fair share of Nah sayers and I just keep my mouth shut keep building my portfolio and cash flow

I fear for those only living in a salary, depending on a job thay may not be there soon for income, buying a new car with massive depreciation and paying it with debt while buying a overinflated home and thinking they sitting on equity that to me is complete madness

I’m not about to argue with anyone I’ll just quietly wait it out and see what happens! This is an I told you so I don’t want to have but feel I will have

i feel gold currently have more uses cases than bitcoin in the real world,and when i say real world i mean offline.....

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Not really used gold as a currency neither I'm I storing value there. All I know about currencies that have value is Bitcoin.

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