Deutsche Bank Estimates 200 MILLION Cryptocurrency Users by 2030

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Of all people, Deutsche Bank has come out with an unexpectedly positive outlook for cryptocurrency adoption over the next 10 years.

By their own estimations, there could be up to 200 million cryptocurrency users by 2030.

In this video, we'll take a look at their report and consider what this means for us as cryptocurrency investors.

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Louis I was wondering if you could give me some advice, lately my ledger live hasn’t been synchronising correctly ( it seemed to have something to do with my digibyte ) so I went into the help menu and cleared my cache which seemed to fix the problem but to my horror my chainlink erc20 tokens have disappeared and I must admit I haven’t got a clue what has happened or if I can get them back hopefully you might know something about this kind of problem. Thanks mike

Sorry to hear Mike! Not sure how to fix that, but as long as you haven't moved your Chainlink it should still be perfectly safe!

I’ll try again later hopefully it’s something soft I’m missing. Cheers mike

Do you consider yourself a bitcoin user? You just hodl it. Real use is transactions, not just to buy coffee, but also remittances or other large transfers.

Yes I do. Saving is a valid use case. It's also the most tax efficient. But if other people wanna spend their coins and miss out on 100x gains and incur tax liabilities, they can go ahead!

Way more, with one great social media dapp in a few years... easily done! 🤑

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Fingers crossed Steem helps play that role!

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Let's see what happens in 2021 :) . I'll see you on voice also when launched lol

In my opinion, 200 millions crypto currency users by 2030 is very conservative!

Not sure Deutsche Bank be around in a year or two, considering its massive derivatives holding?

Esperemos eso le dé un equilibrio al mercado y comience a ser estable y seguro.

I think there will be a more than 200m users by 2030

In 1985 AT&T contract with McKinsey to do a study of how many mobile users would there be by the year 2000. In this 15 year projection, they put a number of 900,000. The actual number was 109 million. They missed by 100 fold.

The one who commented nailed it. The crypto adoption rate is going to far outpace the rate of the Internet.

Forget 200 million by 2030, I think there is going to be a minimum of 2 BILLION by that date. Remember, by that time, there will be near 8 billion users on the internet.

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Hola @louisthomas, eso es genial y quiere decir que muchos expertos en economía se equivocaron ya que dijeron que las criptomonedas nunca prosperarían…
Hello @louisthomas, that's great and it means that many economic experts were wrong since they said that cryptomonies would never prosper...

I think it is very under rated.

Hey Lou, thoughts on any ERC 20 that could have a bright future? I just sign up to PROPY and wanted to see what others thought of the platform.

Hoping to be able to buy a property on it once BTC, LTC & ETH Moonshot

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